How to write an your essay

Please tell me your opinion!?

traditional persuasive essays, essays about autobiographical incidents, letters, legends, and poems. All of these works were written with the intention of passing on important advice or instructions to readers. And pick 1 one and answer the questions below about which on you picked• Explain why you think the work is effective in conveying its message.• […]

Does mass media have an affect on your childs life? or even yours? why or why not?

I’m doing an arguementative essay for my college english class and I really need opinions and any other help possible thanks

When was time that you were mature but you really werent and that you dint need your parents rules?

can you give like a whole paragraph for my essay im desparete plz plz plz im gonna turned tomorrow

How to make your writing more interesting?

Hi I have to write a cause-and-effect essay on Romeo and Juliet for English class based on how fate or the characters’ impulsiveness lead to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and I can’t seem to come up with anything that seems interesting…how can I make nonfiction writing in a cause-and-effect essay more interesting for […]

What function alcohol has played in your life and what role it will play in the future…?

I’m trying to get ideas for an essay question I have to answer for my treatment group.

How to make your own .com site?

hello I’m lloking to make my own website. It would be a personal website mainly about my essays, poems and literary works I write. Can you please tell me how I can do this? and if it can be done for cheap price and maybe even free that’d be greatthnx

When writing your college essay do you have to include a weakness or can it be avioded?

Or do colleges look for the weakness.

Should public shaming be used for correcting behavior? I need your opinions!?

Should public shaming be used for correcting behavior? Why or why not?Im writing an essay and I need your opinions.Thanks

How heavily does an essay weigh on your admissions for Graduate School?

I have to write a 5-6 page analytical essay as a requiremment to get into a graduate English program at the school I want to attend. I’m a good writer, but I mostly write fiction .I can tell this paper will be a challenge. I’ve already contacted my undergrad advisor and we are meeting for […]

Are your after school detentions like this?

I was on after school detention last night.We were all made to sit apart from each other, hand in our detention slips to the teacher supervising detention who grilled us as to why we got detention.During the dettention I had to write an essay about “behaviour”. At the end of the detention my surname was […]