How to write an writing essay

I’m writing a 4,000 word essay and I have used evidence from the minutes of a council meeting in 1834. Does?

anyone know how to reference this using the Harvard system?

Do you face difficulties in animal farm essay writing?

An Animal Farm essay should speak about the breeding and rearing techniques of livestock and other animals that are raised on an animal farm. [external link]

I’m writing a persuasive essay on sex, what kind of angles could I actually ‘argue’?

I can see writing a paper on sex, but exactly what could I argue? Please, nothing about abortion…

I need help with my critical commentary for my creative writing dissertation..?

I dont know how to structure it, the internet just looks at commentaries of essays whereas here I am critiquing my own writing (a story). So any help on how to structure this would be great, thanks.

How to make your writing more interesting?

Hi I have to write a cause-and-effect essay on Romeo and Juliet for English class based on how fate or the characters’ impulsiveness lead to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and I can’t seem to come up with anything that seems interesting…how can I make nonfiction writing in a cause-and-effect essay more interesting for […]

I need help with figuring out my thesis statement for a sociology paper that I’m writing..?

I have troubles gettin around the idea of a thesis statement althou it hav been explained to me many times….My essays are normally extremely good yet i still get low marks because of my thesis statement well according to my instructor…here is the ques.. Assess the strength and weaknesses for sociology as a science… help […]

I am writing a Paper (essay) on Terrorism…?

For my culminating activity in my World Issues class, I am writing an essay on Terrorism, but my essay is supposed to be based on a specific question/statement dealing with terrorism (cannot just be about terrorism in general, but something specific). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.ALSO, ANY SUGGESTIONS ON THE TITLE FOR THE PAPER […]

What are some narrow compare and contrast topics to use in writing an essay about The Color Purple?

So far, I have -1930s: The relationship between men and women is clearly defined. Men are the breadwinners and the heads of the families. Women stay at home to take care of the children and the housework. Today: Men and women share the economic burden of the household. Many married women with children are in […]

How much time do you spend researching and writing an essay for uni?

For a 2500 word essay, how much time do you spend researching and writing it? I think I might be spending too much time on research (sometimes two weeks). I do this because I don’t want to get the essay really wrong and fail, but it’s so time consuming it’s badly eating into my work […]

I need help on writing a research project essay thing? URGENT!?

i have to write a research project on coral reefs.It has to have 5 paragraphs (opening paragraph, 3 informational paragraphs, and a closing paragraph). I need help on what I can make those 3 paragraphs about.I know I can make one on how they are in danger and how we need them, and one on […]