How to write an write essay

What should I write for a conclusion on a genocide essay?

Sum up your main points. Sometimes it’s useful to use the expression, “in conclusion,” as it gives your paragraph direction.

What should I write about in my essay for In Cold Blood?

Help with a thesis for in cold blood. It must be able to be argued both ways. And b outside the normal. for example- writing an essay on how a lizard is a man’s best friend is more reader catching than writing how a dog is a man’s best friend.

How to write an argumentative essay?

I need to write an essay about the numbers of entering freshman taking one or more remedial course in college.Where do i started?I also need a good thesis statement.

Will it be a good topic to write an argument essay about Michael Jcakson molestation case?

I’m not really sure about this topic because it’s already proven! but it’s still many poepel have different opionions.. that the media made it up for money and blablabla.. and in my opinion i believe he didn’t..If it’s not gonna work as an argument essay.. what are another topics about Michael Jackson would be good […]

Which of the following are common topics – meaning the bar is higher if you choose to write about them?

(Choose all that are appropriate) * The Trip (“Visiting Costa Rica changed my life”)My room (“My room perfectly illustrates who I am…”).The Big Issue (“World Peace is important because…”).My favorite teacher (“Mr. Johnson taught me to see the beauty of math”).The Jock Essay (“Football taught me how to work as part of a team…”).Academic Risk […]

How to write an essay with MLA Parenthetical Citations?


Can i write my college essay on my cousins experience in the army?

im so confussed i dont know what to write my college essay, i need ideas Help pleaseeeee.. Thanks

Can someone write me a 10 page essay about Teenage Suicide?please?

no thanks… i have a life…

If you were to write an autobiographical essay, what would it be about?

An autobiography is you telling your own life story.

Whats a good topic to write a humorous argumentative essay over?

I have to use logical fallacies with this essay also and I can not think of anything… HELP!