How to write an would essay

Would dr jekyll and mr hyde be as effective of its protagonist were female?

essay question how can i write

How would you rate this essay out of 35. And what are the improvements i need to make?

i reside in bangladesh and giving igcse under british council Are you a bird lover?Birds are genial pets to have and keep. You feel entertained to watch your bird do amazing tricks and chatter peacefully while perching. There are many different types of birds which someone may keep as a pet.Two of the common birds […]

If you were to write an autobiographical essay, what would it be about?

An autobiography is you telling your own life story.

What would be a good thesis statement for an essay on smoking?

well my essays about smoking and the 3 supporting details are about you cant smoke unless your 25/500 ft away, and that smoking is banned in public places and that you must be 18 or older to biy cigarttes. so for my intro what would be a good thesis staetment? help! thanks User tags:thesis statement […]

How would you view Asia and it’s history and development?

Pleeaassee? Can somebody please answer this? I really really need this right now. It’s for my Essay. Please?

Spiritually Speaking™ of course, would anybody be so kind as to be willing to…?

read over my practice college entrance essay and maybe give a pointer or two? I’m not getting any responses out of the homework section (big help they are), so any takers here? [external link] ;…Thank you so much!Fyi, to anybody pondering whether or not to report this question: my essay IS about spirituality, thus making […]

How would i start a report essay on thong’s it for my fashion class?

i have my topic already and the things i need to write about thongs im gonna talk about descriptive paragraph of what a thong is?how a thong is relevent to fashion?Talk about the fabrics used, some famous lingerie designers, funny incidents involving thongs, the history,why people wear them,how many people wear them, why they portray […]

Need help with the book Fantastic Voyage by asimov. essay and outline would be helpful?

A small question is fine, but no one here is going to do your entire homework assignment for you.

What grade would you give me for this french essay?

(The question is from an AS level French past paper (the writing section). What grade would you give me with this?)Pour moi, je crois que le seulement manière savoir si tu as les vraiment amis est a regardes eux. Si tes amis ont toutes ces qualités puis considérés toi-même chanceux! La qualité plus importante pour […]

Under a different electoral system, would third parties have a better chance of representation in Congress?

I need help! I have to write an essay on this question for my government class! I just don’t know whwere to start. ):Thanks.