How to write an with essay

Essay-Smoking should be banned in all places-help with structures?

This is the first time i am writing an essay and sadly this have to be 500 words. Therefore i need BIG help from people. Well i am planing to write and essay on “smoking should be banned in all places” (like why i think it should be). Well i have got come points but […]

Need help with german.?

How do you say phrases such as “…..from……..”? We haven’t learned phrases like this in class yet and I would like to be able to use this in an essay we have to right next week.An example would be “The ski trail runs from the top of the mountain to the bottom”

How to write an essay with MLA Parenthetical Citations?


I needhelp with a couple of Hamlet essays!HOw does hamlet act as a trajic hero and what is his tragic flaw?

Hamlet goes from a state of wealth and power and completely falls from it (death and supposed “insanity”). His tragic flaw is his inaction, in that he cannot act when the time is appropriate (killing Claudius when he is alone and praying).

Please Help Me With Correcting These Sentences. Thanks:)?

Hi, guys. English is my 2nd language and I really need you to help me correct the following sentences. (They are from the essays I’m writing)1. I have an “excellent”-level BBMC certificate.(N.B. : There are two types of BBMC certs, each presenting a different level: “excellent” and “basic”)2. This seems to be akin to Bruce’s […]

Help With Editing…?

Well, I was writing a ‘book’ on for some fun. I stopped writing because I was too busy. I’ve decided to start writing it again, but before I do, I want it to be basically mistake free. So, I’ll start with the first chapter. It is only about 1 page long, so it’s not […]

Can I put this on a note with the wedding invitations?

My fiancee and I decided not to have a wedding list as we don’t need anything else apart from the big things – and we can hardly ask for a sofa can we? So we thought money would be more pratical. Only that people in Britain are a bit funny about that sometimes Is the […]

Help with a argumentation essay?

i’m writing an argumentation essay for English class. my topic is “should state colleges be free to attend?” i’m arguing that they should be. i need a few more reasons for my claim as to why they should be. so far my only reason is “poor people that care for their education and success in […]

I need help with my critical commentary for my creative writing dissertation..?

I dont know how to structure it, the internet just looks at commentaries of essays whereas here I am critiquing my own writing (a story). So any help on how to structure this would be great, thanks.

Can somebody help me with ideas for Term Paper for The Catcher in the Rye?

My thesis statement is about Holgers alienation. so for this essay we need three things that shows the alienation. I have picked quotes, symbolism, and imagery. I have all of my “primary” sources from my book but i also need 4 secondary sources coming from either online or an article or whatever isnt from the […]