How to write an which essay

Which of the following are common topics – meaning the bar is higher if you choose to write about them?

(Choose all that are appropriate) * The Trip (“Visiting Costa Rica changed my life”)My room (“My room perfectly illustrates who I am…”).The Big Issue (“World Peace is important because…”).My favorite teacher (“Mr. Johnson taught me to see the beauty of math”).The Jock Essay (“Football taught me how to work as part of a team…”).Academic Risk […]

Which person is better and easier to do a biography on?

I can’t decide between Walt DisneyORWilliam ShakespeareIt’s for a history essay about anyone we want. If there is someone else you think is interesting [besides urself and friends], please make a suggestion!

Which is easier… Examining Augustus (Octavian)’s changes politically, millitarily, or economically/socially?

I need to do an essay about Augustus and i am struggling to find topic, this is what ive narrowed it down to. ideas would be nice

I’m going to be a senior in High school and am looking to apply to a list of colleges. Which do I have a shot?

I am going to Mission Viejo High School in California which is known to be a competitive school. I have a 3.3 weighted GPA and a 3.0 unweighted. My SAT1 scores are around 1200 and my ACT is 27 combined. I have participated in various clubs such as Junior Statesmen of America, MUN, Save the […]

Which topics should be included in a fast food essay?

for example:histiory,famos chains

Which essay should i write about for U.S. history (11th grade)..?

i get to choose one out of these three to write about.. which would be the easiest and where can i find information on it so i can be prepared to write about it on my final tomorrow..?1. Compare and contrast Truman’s Fair Deal and Johnson’s Great Society. In this essay you will need to […]

Which of these books are the best? They are AP reading material…?

Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourtAutobiography of a Face by Lucy GrealyThe Color of Water by James McBrideI can’t decide between the three. If you have read any of these which do you like best? I’m going to have to write essays on them also.

What essay is easiest and which one should I choose! help… 10 points?

Hey, I’m having trouble trying to plan a 2000 word essay on technology… the choice of essays are as follows… expertise in this area will be helpful 1) What is really new about new media? Discuss the specificity of digitalcommunication with reference to at least three authors2) We are told we live in a network […]

I have to write an essay on something people do which bothers me? help?

A type of behaviour, a practise, an attitude, style, or an aspect of human behaviour that bothers me…I need to write 500 words and example so it can be fairly general. Plz help give me something to go on from..

Which writing is the source of the Henry Van Dyke quote “Happiness is inward and not outward….”?

Which writing of Henry Van Dyke (poet/essayist/etc.) is the source of a popular quotation “Happiness is inward and not outward, and so it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are.”?