How to write an where essay

Where can I find a good summary/comment about the US “YouTube Election”?

I have to write an essay and could really do with a good summary/comment/feature piece about the various movements and angles of the “YouTubv Election” phenomenom in the US right now. Can anybody recommend and article/web link? Thanks!

French speakers: Where can “rapidement” go in these sentences other than after pas?

In the sentence “il ne s’est pas rase” is it possible to insert the adverb “rapidement” anywhere other than after “pas”?And what about the sentences:elle n’a pas fait ses devoirs elle essaye de ne pas faire ses devoirs User tags:yhs-fh_lsonsw

Where and what are phalanges?

Im doing an essay on bone structure and i don’t know what they are someone help me please.

“Pain is beauty” where or who did this quote originate from?

I’m just curious as to where this quote came from exactly. I plan on using it in an essay, but I can’t find a source that claims it. One link said it was in the movie ‘Grease’ but was that the first place it came from or did they use it from something/someone else too?

Where to get a good laptop/notebook?

So my Desktop is fried, sucks and i need to get myself a pc asap, beacause i may be going to high school but they they want good essays (power point and the works) of around 10 pages to 30 pages, i’ve been working with my desktop for these, printing page and stuff and my […]

Where can i write my paper on for my essay?

I need to write my paper for school and i need a free program that will let me print feel free to send links

Where do i start on my essay on Legalization of Marijuana?

I have to write a five page essay on Legalization of Marijuana, I don’t know where to start. I also have to do an outline of it. Can i get any help?

Where does Grendel’s Mother live in Beowulf?

Ok so I am writing an essay, and am pretty sure that she lives in a “fen” or “bog”, but I need to clarify this…does anyone know of any lines in Beowulf that prove this? Any translation would work…

Where could I find someone to rate my SAT essay?

I don’t want to rate my essays on websites…I hope someone from college to help me…Thx!

What must an essay have? and where?

so im writing an autobiography on ‘how did i learn to write’. so i do not know how to set up my essay. i know a paper needs a thesis, body, and conclusion. is there something else it needs to have? and if so where must if go?