How to write an when essay

When was time that you were mature but you really werent and that you dint need your parents rules?

can you give like a whole paragraph for my essay im desparete plz plz plz im gonna turned tomorrow

When writing your college essay do you have to include a weakness or can it be avioded?

Or do colleges look for the weakness.

When are you supposed to put the name of the author/book in an essay?

I know it’s supposed to be in the introduction and not the first sentence…help please!

When should I tell my parents…?

Okay so I am bisexual. And my family does not know anything about my sexual orientation.anyways….Today…my mom was proof reading my autobiographical essay for college reccomendations and she read the part where it included my organizations. Under my organizations I put that I volunteer and work for an organization that involves the LGBTQ communitty…Thing is […]

What do you call it when a vehicle is hit from the side?

I’ve heard the term ‘T-boned’ but its not proper. Is there a proper term for this? I need it for an english essay i’m doing

When applying for college scholarships?

Many scholarships can sometimes have similar requirements. Since some require essays. Is it okay to send the same essay about myself but to different scholarship places?

In a essay when quoting an article do you underline the articles title, italicize it or put it in quotations?

you put the name of an article in quotations. i’m an english major.

Why did europeans feel a great sense of relief when the first world war began in august 1914?

i have to write an essay on this topic so the more the better thanks!

Help with citing a source for an essay when using mla format!?

when you just mention a website like or a book in an essay (using mla format) as in”i saw that on”or “war and peace is my favorite book”do you need to underline or put it in quotes? do you need to include it in your works cited page if you didn’t take a […]

What is it called when you write a 10,000+ word assignment in university?

i just cant remember what this word is but it is not a thesis or essay .. there is another word to describe this very long assignment, what is this word?thanks