How to write an were essay

Would dr jekyll and mr hyde be as effective of its protagonist were female?

essay question how can i write

What were van gogh’s contributions to the art world?

im doing an art project and in my essay i need a paragraph on how van gogh contributed to the art world!

If you were to write an autobiographical essay, what would it be about?

An autobiography is you telling your own life story.

When was time that you were mature but you really werent and that you dint need your parents rules?

can you give like a whole paragraph for my essay im desparete plz plz plz im gonna turned tomorrow

What were some political changes in east asia AFTER world war one?

I have a history essay i have to right and I cant find any information on this….. please help thanks a lot

Art Hist- Egyptian Art. What were the figurines placed inside tombs there to represent?

Hi..Im doing an essay on Egyptian Art. Specifically, I picked “Ptah-Sokar Osiris” as my main focus. We are supposed to write about how it relates to the time period that it is in and to other pieces of art at that time. I am unsure about other figurines and what exactly they are used for. […]

Why were Europeans so much more successful in est. territorial empires in the Americas than in Africa or Asia?

Can i have a nice, descriptive explanation please. I need assistance in an essay. Thank you so much!

Vikings? Could some one help mewith the info were should i go? Do you have any facts? HELP!?

im doing a school project and really need some help writing an essay and finding facts and pics anything would be worth while.

What were some of the basic differences of the American Way of Life & the Soviets World View? COLD WAR? Help!?

I need to write a 5 page paragraph essay in the next 2 hours about—The Cold war was seen as a struggle between the american way of life and the soviets world view. What were some basic differences?

What were Lewis and Clark’s Exhibition aims?

What were the main aims of Lewis and clark in their exhibition?Where there any geographical, economic, and social aims from lewis and clark? I’m writting an essay and i dont know, what to talk about for the aims, i’ve only got the aims for the missouri river connections to america, are there any other interesting […]