How to write an university essay

Can someone read over my essay for Temple University?

The essay topic is: Imagine you have graduated from Temple University. You are preparing to attend your 10-year reunion, and the alumni office has asked you to write a one-page essay about your personal and professional accomplishments since graduation. What would yours say? My essay: Looking back on the past 16 years of my life, […]

Will I be able to get into Loyola University in Chicago?

Hey guys, I am a senior in high school , and I am on my way to finishing my application and my essay for Loyola that’s due on December 1st. I was just wondering what my chances are for getting into Loyola with a 3.65 unweighted gpa and a 4.2 weighted gpa, I got a […]

Chances at Northeastern University Admissions?

My SAT I scores: 1970 Math: 660 Reading: 680 Writing: 640SAT II Chemistry: 660 Literature: 620GPA: 3.89No honors.Over 120 hours of community service. Spent over two months volunteering in Belize. Worked as technician for a private ophthalmology clinic for four months.Two years JV Basket ballTwo years JV footballTwo years on Swim team10 Years of violin […]

What is it called when you write a 10,000+ word assignment in university?

i just cant remember what this word is but it is not a thesis or essay .. there is another word to describe this very long assignment, what is this word?thanks

What are my chances in getting into Rutgers University in New Brunswick?

i have a 3.8 unweighted gpa, in the french national honors society, in the football team for all four years and a captain this year, and most likely in top 15 percent in my class.i have only took one AP class and that is this year ( senior year) – AP biologySAT score: math – […]

Can i get into Stanford or Harvard University?

Plz tell me if i can.I am a resident of India, with good grades, (90.5% in 10th) currently in 11th grade.I want to apply for Engineering. I can sing well (got 2nd prize in the whole southern India level competition), I can speak well, have attended many quizzes in my school and inter school and […]

I’m a U.S. citizen applying to a Canadian university?

I have already gotten an account to OUAC for applying to Ontario universities (105f application), but I don’t know how to go about paying for the app fee, if there are essays required, etc. etc. is there anything super important that i need to know or that i may have missed?i have already used the […]

University/ Med School Prep?

I am 16 years old and live in New Bruswick, Canada. I intend to become a doctor (GP) after I graduate high school (2 years). I am moving to British Columbia to attend TRU Kamloops. After I complete my Bachelor of Science I will decide to apply to med school at UBC. Now, my questions:1. […]

University differences between countries?

I’m wondering what the work standard differences are between universities in different countries? I do a double degree in Australia, and the average class has one 2000 word essay and one exam. That is all the assesment is. Some have a mid-term exam, but most do not. After looking at American universities, I as interested […]

Low GPA, what are my chances of getting into colleges like boston university or johns hopkins?

I have heard of a story that a guy had a very low GPA, but his application essay was what that made him get into Harvard.Well, I have a low GPA but I really want to try and prove that I can do very well in college by entering the Johns Hopkins Summer program. I […]