How to write an topic…? essay

Will it be a good topic to write an argument essay about Michael Jcakson molestation case?

I’m not really sure about this topic because it’s already proven! but it’s still many poepel have different opionions.. that the media made it up for money and blablabla.. and in my opinion i believe he didn’t..If it’s not gonna work as an argument essay.. what are another topics about Michael Jackson would be good […]

Whats a good topic to write a humorous argumentative essay over?

I have to use logical fallacies with this essay also and I can not think of anything… HELP!

Compare and contrast essay topic help please ! :(?

can someone please help me think of a compare and contrast topic for an essay? a topic, that i can have three articles on and compare all 3 articles in the essay oh my God someone please help…i jus wana cry plz plz….give me some ideas thanks ill be waiting. i have to to this […]

Does anyone have good topic ideas for an argumentative essay?

I need to write a 10 page argumentative essay on a topic that isn’t cliche (like abortion, gun control, same sex marriage, capital punishment, violence and the media, ect., you know the type) and I’m having a REALLY hard time coming up with a topic that I could argue about for 10 pages. Any suggestions?

Need a good topic for essay?

Hi everyoneIm doing an english essay assignmentand we are aloud to choose any topic we want, it has to bea good enough topic that i can create a narrow and specific topicsentence out of. Im just looking for some interesting topics so please help. Remember, it can be anything, as long as it’s something I […]

Essay intro topic sentence help?

I need a good topic sentence for my introduction.The topic is: In literature we read about different types of journeys and how these journeys affect people’s lives.For people who haven’t written an essay please answer as well. I just need a sentence that is simple and states the above topic in s different way, using […]

What is a good topic for this essay?

It is a group-essay. The topic is money and we want to try to make it funny, it’s due Friday. If you can’t think of one tell me how to think of one!

What’s a good topic for a major research essay?

Help! I can’t think of anything I want to write about. Any suggestions? It’s for an English class….I’m stumped.

Politics essay topic needed?

i need a topic on which to compare canada and any other country politically.Could u guys help me chooses a topic.Thanks

I need an asia topic?

Im doing a report on asia and essay topics are due soon. I need some topics that have enough information to write 6-9 pages double spaced on. I need more than one topic incase someone gets it first.they topics need to be between 900 AD and before world war I.So please give me any topics […]