How to write an this essay

How can I make this less wordy?

This is a potential introduction for an essay I’m writing, but I’m concerned that it makes little to no sense… Where could I make changes so that it flows better/reads more clearly?In Patricia Young’s “Night-Running”, the concurrent bliss and awkwardness of young love are depicted through the passionate courtship of one youth by another. As […]

Need help solving this problem?

Essay; show all work. The property restoration company PuroServ is considering switching to new dehumidifiers. Their market research, considering the cost of the new machines and their efficiency, tells them that the switch would give them a 72% chance of making a $20,000 profit, a 14% chance of breaking even, and a 14% chance of […]

How should i start this essay?

I’m writing an essay on the lightning thief, and ive pretty much got all the details set out already. However,I don’t know how i should start it! So what im supposed to do is write an essay defending or arguing against actions of the main character in response to two conflicts in the novel. My […]

To what extent should we embrace the ideological perspective(s) reflected in this source?

The quote:”The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first objective.”I’ve got to write an essay on that tomorrow but I’m having some trouble analyzing it. So please can you help?The questions I am having trouble answering are:Explain the source in […]

How would you rate this essay out of 35. And what are the improvements i need to make?

i reside in bangladesh and giving igcse under british council Are you a bird lover?Birds are genial pets to have and keep. You feel entertained to watch your bird do amazing tricks and chatter peacefully while perching. There are many different types of birds which someone may keep as a pet.Two of the common birds […]

I want this to be perfect… please help?

i have to give this story/ essay soon and i want it to be perfect… if u have any corrections please do tellI saw her weeping, trying to hide her tears. Everyone else was so busy in their own work to even notice Rachael. I wanted to go to her, comfort her but then how […]

Can you interpret this poem?

I’m supposed to write an essay for English on this poem. I need to interpret it first though. Can anyone help me out, like give me a general interpretation and an outline for what I should write for my essay? Thanks!BARBIE DOLLThis girlchild was born as usualand presented dolls that did pee-peeand miniature GE stoves […]

Poll: Whats a good name for this?

Any ideas for an essay title?It is on marraige laws and gay marraige. It is not an argumantative essasy, just explains laws. Thanks I appreciate it

Im doing an essay on Jackie Robinson. Is this good enough for the intro?

I also need to add one more sentence but im not sure what i should add. It has to be all commentatry. Thnx in advance. Here’s what I have so far:Breaking the Color Barrier in American Athletics Jackie Robinson served as a paradigm to many people to whom he inspired by his unwillingness to surrender […]

Can I put this on a note with the wedding invitations?

My fiancee and I decided not to have a wedding list as we don’t need anything else apart from the big things – and we can hardly ask for a sofa can we? So we thought money would be more pratical. Only that people in Britain are a bit funny about that sometimes Is the […]