How to write an think? essay

What do you think of my essay, and how should I end it?

OK, this is the topic:How can art and culture be a catalyst for civic engagement in improving the quality of life in our community and challanging times? Write an essay persuading citizens in our community to support your ideas. Please give compelling reasons and examples on how art and culture can be a catalyst for […]

SAT + GPA + ECs: what do YOU think are my chances?

okay so im a sophomore in high school right now, and i took the SAT on may 1st. i got:640 on Critical Reading690 on Math730 on Writing (8 on the essay, 76/80 on the Multiple Choice)that’s a total of 2060 for my SAT score (as a sophomore, this is the first time I took it, […]

Write a persuasive essay detailing and critically summarizing who you think should be punished/ or pardoned?

What you should write is:1. Introductiona. Reason for writing (e.g. recent prison outbreaks, increasing crime)b. Main idea (everybody should have a second chance to decide how to live)2. Body – three supporting ideas/reasons for your opinion. (who decides what is right or wrong, do we need to punish, do we have the right to punish […]

RHH: Do you think the passion for music is lost or is it expressed differently today?

BQ: Favorite soulful track?BQ2: What song can you relate to the most?Gnight, fuhking essay due tomorrow and I only have 2 paragraphs done. Fml.

Do you think that ww1 showed that there are some weapons that should be banned from the battle field?

I have to answer a essay question that asks if some weapons from world war one, such as gas, anti-personnel mines, should be banned from war. Any good information about weapons like that would help. Thanks!

Essayy help? what do u think of my essay?

The Guide of FreedomHave you ever wondered what freedom is or how we got freedom? Well, if you look in the dictionary or a thesaurus it means “the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint, but freedom means more than that. Freedom has been bought and paid […]

Do you think that California should tighten up the laws concerning child molesters?

I am writing an essay that is a Persuasive or Argumenative one. My stand is that if we tighten up the laws on 1st time child sex-offenders, that there will more than likely be no chance or opportunity for them to commit a 2nd crime/offense; due to the strict punishment of the 1st offense. Even […]

Who think its possible?

I have an argumentive essay that’s about Food Engineering due in 11 hrs. Who thinks if its possible to right that essay and turn it in? With little or No sleep? all i got so far is the Title Page

Committed relationships are pathetic, is it abnormal to think this way?

After rejection after rejection. I’ve decided relationships are garbage, and all the cuntz, skanks, ho’s, and sluts aren’t worth it. So I just decided to only stick to sex as opposed to the lovey jovey commitment trash. Unfortunately today, girls are really only good for scewing in my opinion. I’m a strong believer in this. […]

Can anyone think of topics to write an arguementive essay about?

Besides abortion, assisted suicide, gay marriage…Thanks!