How to write an thesis essay

I need a good thesis statement?

My essay is about life on the mississippi river in the 1800s working on a steamboat. Heres the first part of my paragraph:”Lots of kids who lived along the Mississippi River in the 1800’s dreamed of becoming a steamboat pilot. Being a steamboat pilot was an ideal job for anyone. Flowing along the river for […]

Can anybody help me how to build my thesis for my essay?

I need to do a comparative essay on these novels and I didn’t find any similarities at all! OMG. Dead Man Walking is a story about social injustices about racism and such and the other book is just about an Indian guy who was trying to find his identity. He also experienced racism while growing […]

I need help with figuring out my thesis statement for a sociology paper that I’m writing..?

I have troubles gettin around the idea of a thesis statement althou it hav been explained to me many times….My essays are normally extremely good yet i still get low marks because of my thesis statement well according to my instructor…here is the ques.. Assess the strength and weaknesses for sociology as a science… help […]

How can i restate this thesis statement?

I need to restate my thesis statement for the conclusion paragraph of my essay. My thesis is: The dominant trait shared by Antigone and Creon is loyalty. How can i restate that?

Need help making a thesis, English!?

I read a book called The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. Now i need to write an essay on it. I have chosen to write my essay about how the structure and the different narratives in the novel were used to foreshadow the story. I need help putting this into better wording. My mind has […]

I need a good thesis statement for Rwandan Genocide to argue for and against?

writing an essay. wanted to go abouts how it could have been prevented, why nothing was done & if this was the only genocide unprevented. I dont know how to put this into a thesis statement

NEED QUICK ANSWER! How do you like my thesis statement for Lord of the Flies?

For my essay, i’m writing how Golding expresses in his novel that each person has an evil nature and is capable of committing heinous crimes… i’m having a little bit of writers block seeming as though it’s getting to be the end of the year but i need help with my thesis statement…SO HERE IT […]

What would be a good thesis statement for an essay on smoking?

well my essays about smoking and the 3 supporting details are about you cant smoke unless your 25/500 ft away, and that smoking is banned in public places and that you must be 18 or older to biy cigarttes. so for my intro what would be a good thesis staetment? help! thanks User tags:thesis statement […]

What a good thesis statement for essay on why teachers should be banned from facebook from students?

Please help me!

Please help with essay thesis?

I have to write a essay about a picture which show a physical inequity. I have a thesis and introductory paragraph but I really don’t think it is good enough. Can someone give some tips on how to fix it up and maybe make it sound better or anything I should add.My paragraph:Inequity is described […]