How to write an that essay

What are some actions that lead to tragedy in Hamlet and how they brought it upon themselves?

Just need some ideas is all for a four page essay. I got 2 pages so far, need more advice please.Thanks.

Persuasive essay disagreeing that a solution to poverty is that prosperous people should donate their money.?

Please include pros and cons to the argument

When was time that you were mature but you really werent and that you dint need your parents rules?

can you give like a whole paragraph for my essay im desparete plz plz plz im gonna turned tomorrow

What word or phrase means “belief that life or existence should not exist”?

Needa know for an essay.

I need help with figuring out my thesis statement for a sociology paper that I’m writing..?

I have troubles gettin around the idea of a thesis statement althou it hav been explained to me many times….My essays are normally extremely good yet i still get low marks because of my thesis statement well according to my instructor…here is the ques.. Assess the strength and weaknesses for sociology as a science… help […]

Do you think that ww1 showed that there are some weapons that should be banned from the battle field?

I have to answer a essay question that asks if some weapons from world war one, such as gas, anti-personnel mines, should be banned from war. Any good information about weapons like that would help. Thanks!

Do you think that California should tighten up the laws concerning child molesters?

I am writing an essay that is a Persuasive or Argumenative one. My stand is that if we tighten up the laws on 1st time child sex-offenders, that there will more than likely be no chance or opportunity for them to commit a 2nd crime/offense; due to the strict punishment of the 1st offense. Even […]

Are there any websites out there that can help me enhance my vocabulary?

I’m not an english learner or anything, English is my native language and but I would like to improve my vocabulary so I can write stronger essays. Any websites that include games or such that might be able to help me?

What are three reasons that Huckleberry Finn is banned in some countries?

I have an essay to write and I need 3 reasons why it is banned is some countries. I know one of the reasons is because of the usage and offensive N-word.

What are the books, that I should use for my SAT essay…10 pts!?

I plan on taking the SAT(reasoning test not an SAT 2) this Saturday Oct.10. I already took one in May, but I didn’t do that well. And I would like to know what are the kind of impressive books I could use in the first part of the SAT, which is the timed 25 minute […]