How to write an system essay

Under a different electoral system, would third parties have a better chance of representation in Congress?

I need help! I have to write an essay on this question for my government class! I just don’t know whwere to start. ):Thanks.

I’ve got an essay question on the all seeing global positioning system.?

Is it ethical? Unethical? why or why not?

What are some things that the criminal justice system can do to respond to terrorism? Help!?

I’m stuck on this question. I have to write a large essay about terrorism along with listing 10 ways the criminal justice system can do to respond to terrorism. I wrote the rest already.I don’t understand, can the criminal justice system even respond to terrorism? I thought only the president and such can. This is […]

Can some one give me a basic description of the Islamic belief system?

need to know a bit about it for an essay that i am writing

How to reference an author using Harvard system. Please Help ! Essay due?

Hi I want to reference an author. I know how to reference an author using harvard for a specific quote. However, I don’t know who to reference an author when I need to talk about the same author for several paragraphs, should I keep on referencing the author or just do it once at the […]

How does chlamydia affect the female reproductive system?

I am doing an essay for anatomy based on how chlamydia can affect the reproductive system. I have information on PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), cervicitis, Salpingitis and Bartholinitis but im looking for information on what it does to the actual female reproductive system itself?

Our school system is messed up?

Before you jump to any conclusions, just know that I am not going to be ranting because I am some idiot who thinks everything is about him. (I say this because all the questions titled like this one are like that)I am a 15 year old high school student and I know I am smart. […]

Does anyone know what number system superseded roman numerals?

What system came after roman numerals in that region? And why was it better?I’m struggling to find this bit of information for an essay

So I have to write this essay for a class comparing a body system to a mechanical system?

do you have any suggestions ?

Need help with the nervous system?

I need to write an essay: Explain the interrelationship between the nervous and the endocrine systemHow the nervous and hormonal systems work in harmony to control heart rateWhat happen if either system malfunctioned