How to write an self essay

Is it bad to write about accomplishments in college essay? I’m afraid of sounding self centered?

Is this for college entrance? Then it is absolutely NOT bad! This is your time to tell them about you, what you have done, and what your goals for the future are.Is this for a narrative essay? Then it is perfectly appropriate to tell a narrative about your experiences/accomplishments.In fact, I believe that it is […]

Self harm/depression? please help!?

this might be a bit of an essay but i need to explain 16 and my life is fine really, no major traumatic incidents, no more than anyone else so i have no reason to be depressed but ive been feeling like crap for a while and ive discovered i have all the symptoms […]

How does death affect a child’s self esteem?

I am doing an essay about it, how does death affect a child’s self esteem; Self resiellience and Emotional well being?

Does montag kill Beatty out of self defense in fahrenheit 451?

I have to write an essay…Does montag kill Beatty out of self defense or to preserve something lost? Has Montag avenged the deaths of Mrs. Hudson and Clarisse? Can Montag justify murder in defense of books? Finally, do the extreme circumstances of MOntag’s world justify lawless behavior to preserve the freedom to read? User tags:domontag

Is Hillary Clinton hypocritical, inconsistent, and concerned about her self image? Please Read?

So I’m doing an essay stating that Clinton is hypocritical, inconsistent and concerned about her self image. Hypocritical- she broke the law in the whitewater happenings yet she campaigned for presidency Concerned about her self image- she wants to project the image of a strong leader. She will do what she thinks the people want […]

Self defence as a legal defence?

i’m doing an essay on how we should be able to have a weopeon such as a baseball bat to defend ourselves in case of a robbery. It is agaisnt the law to have a weopeon beside your bed for self defence. I need some points of arguments that supports the point; we should have […]

She has such low self esteem…?

I have friend who looks down on her self so much im not going to mention her name though. today i couldnt even talk to her properly because she was not herself i knew it was something to do with what she thinks of her self.i getting really worried and kinda annoyed with the way […]

What is a good quote for an essay that describes ones self?

I need this by tomorrow. Thanks to anyone that can help.

Serious biology 2 essay question, will humans ever turn green (meaning self sufficient, like plants)?

Will humans ever turn green, meaning self sufficient, and able to make their own food like plants. This could happen either naturally or in a lab situation. My Biology 2 teacher says everything is in place genetically for it to happen. I have to write a 3 page rough draft on this issue tonight, so […]

What does this quote mean: be melting snow. wash your self of your self?

i have to write a big essay on this quote and i have no clue what it means.Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself. –Jalal al-Din Runi.thank you