How to write an school? essay

Anyone else in school and have a baby?

How the hell do you get your homework done?I am taking 3 classes this quarter, which is full time, but not that much work and I cna’t ever get it done. I have a lot of pressure too because I can lose my financial aid if I don’t keep my gpa decent. Everytime I start […]

How does an elementary school teacher instill good behavior in children?

I’m writing an essay on what values elementary and middle school teachers actually teach (I’m focusing on applying school lessons to daily life, valuing your well being and keeping up the good behavior to keep you in the right track ) and how it applies to students in life after university. I’m having trouble thinking […]

I’m going to be a senior in High school and am looking to apply to a list of colleges. Which do I have a shot?

I am going to Mission Viejo High School in California which is known to be a competitive school. I have a 3.3 weighted GPA and a 3.0 unweighted. My SAT1 scores are around 1200 and my ACT is 27 combined. I have participated in various clubs such as Junior Statesmen of America, MUN, Save the […]

How heavily does an essay weigh on your admissions for Graduate School?

I have to write a 5-6 page analytical essay as a requiremment to get into a graduate English program at the school I want to attend. I’m a good writer, but I mostly write fiction .I can tell this paper will be a challenge. I’ve already contacted my undergrad advisor and we are meeting for […]

Should there be cell phones in school?

i think cell phones are distraction in skool from kids learning but im doing this for a skool essay so i wanna hear your oppinion

Are your after school detentions like this?

I was on after school detention last night.We were all made to sit apart from each other, hand in our detention slips to the teacher supervising detention who grilled us as to why we got detention.During the dettention I had to write an essay about “behaviour”. At the end of the detention my surname was […]

Should Size 0 Models Be Banned? Need help with a school report! ?

I’m doing a persuasive essay on “Should Size 0 Models Be Banned?”. I’m arguing against, as I think it’s wrong to categorize everyone that is Size 0 as “disgusting”.Please share your arguements, and I would appreciate it a lot if you could add links to websites! Thanks

How can I make my high school a better place?

I have to write an essay about this for summer project for AP english it is 1 of 5 and has to be between 500-1000 words, I can’t think of anything because most thing I would change are inappropriate for an essay, nothing that a suck up would write about like fights or behavior problem […]

Help with Graduate School Application !?

Part of the application requirements for my grad school application is “A letter of aspiration indicating why the applicant has chosen to pursue a degree in this area and the applicant’s academic and/or career goals once the degree is completed”I understand an “application essay” but “letter of aspiration” ? please if you know what this […]

I need to write an essay for school about this subject? (Essay question below)?

Spain’s immigration population had grown dramatically in recent years. Discuss the integration of immigrants, challenges it poses and contributions immigrants make to Spain. What can government, communities and individuals do to promote the successful integration of recent immigrants.It has a limit of 500 words. It would really help if you could write a good answer.