How to write an read essay

Can someone read over my essay for Temple University?

The essay topic is: Imagine you have graduated from Temple University. You are preparing to attend your 10-year reunion, and the alumni office has asked you to write a one-page essay about your personal and professional accomplishments since graduation. What would yours say? My essay: Looking back on the past 16 years of my life, […]

Anyone read “The fish I didin’t catch”? 10 points!?

Here is a differant study guide i have for one more subject. (Reading) i have a final on. I don’t know these 3 questions… I think I will need to know them for the final exam I will be taking on this. Could you please help? Explain answers?2. Which technique does the narrator of “The […]

Read college essay urgent?

Read college essay urgent?Significant experience essay from common application.Is this a good essay to use? Ways to improve it to make it a good essay for common application?It’s length is correct.From my experience as a goalkeeper in soccer, I have discovered some important qualities about myself that have benefited all parts of my life. I […]

Proof read my autobiographical essay PLEASE?

Sorry bout all the questions guys. I’m applying for this thing at a local college that’ll enable me to take all college course, but I have to declare a major and get all my teacher to write letters of recomendations and…. blech T_TIN REGARDS TO THE QUESTION, the only rerequirementsere that it has to be […]

Read Chapter One of my Novel?! Opinions?

Here is a few pages of chapter one.If you haven’t read the prologue you might wantto read that first. Link will be at the bottom. Time is such an uncertain element of our lives. The moment at which our destiny seeks us stands a mystery, for the world is changing; moving constantly beneath our feet. […]

Can someone read my English essay?

Hey just wondering if anyone could please read my english essay for belongingPlease be as critical as possible .Write up a contact email and i’ll send it through . Thanks soo much in advance =)

Read my essay intro? (:?

heres a link of it: [external link] ‘s=5please give me feedback if possible…also, its an opinion/position paper

I have read The following online article, please explain why they used the Suffix “-ic” instead of “-ical?

“The Iraq Project at the Institute for the Study of War produces a variety of publications and research materials to help all Americans understand the ongoing conflict: the lengthy and fully documented Iraq Report, which narrates the most important developments in the campaign; backgrounders, which are shorter essays on narrower aspects of the war; static […]

Someone plz proof read my essay! 10 Point!?

In 2006 my first trip to China. There wasn’t much stories about me and my fiancee because during that time I didn’t know her very well. A week before I left China. I started to call some of my friends out for party and I wanted them to bring some other female friends. In that […]

Can someone please read my essay and tell me where my mistakes are and what changes I can do? I appreciate it!?

Sayings Essay ”Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something”, by Plato. I personally agree with Plato because I have met many fools that talked too much just to say something and I have met intelligent people who spoke wisely. I have seen them at school, […]