How to write an question? essay

ESSAY QUESTION: What accounts for the resilience of negative American attitudes toward the bureaucracy?

Explain the resources for the change and growth of the American bureaucracy.What do you think would be the most effective way to change public opinion? (CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS QUESTION, IT’S FOR MY MIDTERM) THANKS!

To Kill A Mocking Bird Essay Question?

I am doing an assignment for english and we need to write about 3 themes of the book. Compassion, Sympathy , and Tolerance. (If you could rovide a quote for each of these witha page number that would be great) Can someone give me an idea of what to write about for each? I will […]

Question about the length of a college essay?

If they set a limit of 500 words and your essay is 561, it that a big deal?How much are you allowed to go over by?

English question please help?

I have to write an essay and and compare two poems funeral blues by W H Auden and ode on the death of a favourite cat etc by Thomas Gray i have to talk about imagery, structure and language for each poem but im not sure what she means can you talk me through it […]


The orginal piece says : “While it may very well be that Alfred Hitchcock was ‘the master of suspense,’ he was also, and perhaps even more strongly, a master of the irrational.” Can i change up the text to say : “While it may very well be that Bernard Herrman was the master of film […]


we are supposed to read toe poem in the beggining of the book and show how lines in the poem directly relate to the rest of the story. Show the coonetion between the events in the plot to the poem in the beging.If anyone has read this PLZ answer back ASAP…Also if you have a […]

Question about poetry tests?

i am having a sight poetry test soon. it will be on a poem like dover beach, the same difficulty to comprehend. its a gr 12U eng class. i want to practice so can anyone suggest a poem that would be around that level of difficulty i could use to practice? we have to write […]

Question about Bernal Diaz and the Aztecs…?

So, I have this essay due tomorrow and I’m having trouble getting to it. If any of you have read Bernal Diaz’s True History…you can help. The essay question is “What can we learn about the Spanish Pespective of Aztec Religion from Diaz?if anyone at all can give some comments, details, answers, whatever..that would be […]

I have a question about tornadoes?

I am fascinated by tornadoes, although I am sure, if ever faced with one, I would probably cack my pants, but living in the UK, we obviously don’t see them very often, if at all, but I was wandering…..What do americans do if a tornado is coming?How do you know (before you see it)?What happens […]

Question ? > about this girl i just started speaking to online?

Hey i started speaking to this girl online I know shes not a pervert or someone pretending to be her because her brother goes to my school.Every time we speak to each other instead of leaving small commentsI leave massive essay type replies lol hahaSo im just wondering what topics can i talk about with […]