How to write an points essay

Anyone read “The fish I didin’t catch”? 10 points!?

Here is a differant study guide i have for one more subject. (Reading) i have a final on. I don’t know these 3 questions… I think I will need to know them for the final exam I will be taking on this. Could you please help? Explain answers?2. Which technique does the narrator of “The […]

Religous reactions on the black plague! 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER! plz!?

ok, i have to write a thesis paper based on this question: “How Different were christian and muslim responses to the black death”? ok… so my first thesis statement was “While both worshipped the same God, both had dissimilar views on whether the black plague was a blessing or a curse.” but my teacher gave […]

Plz edit this paragraph for me? its ugly.. 10 POINTS!?

Plz edit this paragraph for me? its ugly.. 10 POINTS!?its part of my essay and it sounds bad:( ? can anyone give me some help in how to make it sound better and more pot together? oh and are there any spelling or grammar mistakes?Almost every superhero has a villain. Batman has the joker, and […]

Essay ideas? HELP? EASY 10 POINTS?

Ok i really need ideas for my essay. We have to write an essay with the title “It happened by magic”.I don’t want to write about something cliche that most people will write about.Pleaseeee give me some ideas i’ll love you forever

Can someone please help me edit this (Easy 10 points?)?

Lung cancer is a dangerous disease, cigarette smoking is the main cause of lung cancer most people that do have lung cancer are 90% of the time cigarette smokers apart from actually smoking cigarette, second-hand smokers also have a chance of getting it since their also inhaling the smoke this often happens when non-smokers are […]

Citation in essay ?!10 points !?

I writing an essay about an article and I quoted some of the paragraphs from it, I used exact words and I put them in ” ” , but I don’t know how to cite the pages after ” ” can you show me how ?

Intro for essay about the Beatles? 10 points for best answer (:?

i have to write an essay about the beatles and it needs to include : • Describe the effects that this topic has had on the lives of Americans or on the country as awhole (whether positively or negatively).• Discuss why you think that this is a topic that should be remembered in the future.• […]

How To Write An Argumentative Essay – 10 POINTS?

I got an argumentative essay to write. There are topics to choose on and I like this one: ” The computer is the most important tool in society today” now am I suppose to argue about that is untrue or can I agree that it is true. I don’t want to sound stupid.

How to start my illuminati persuasive essay (ten points)?

can any of you creative people write me my first paragraph on my persuasive essay on the illuminati? im just bad on writing the first paragraph i know that i should introduce the topic, inform the reader of my piont of veiw. entice my reader to continue with the rest of the paper and then […]

How do I start the body paragraphs of an essay on Ares? 10 points to first answer?

I have a looooooooooong essay due on Ares, the god of war, and I have no idea how to start the paragraph after the intro. Please Help!…