How to write an please? essay

Please tell me your opinion!?

traditional persuasive essays, essays about autobiographical incidents, letters, legends, and poems. All of these works were written with the intention of passing on important advice or instructions to readers. And pick 1 one and answer the questions below about which on you picked• Explain why you think the work is effective in conveying its message.• […]

Please Help Me With Correcting These Sentences. Thanks:)?

Hi, guys. English is my 2nd language and I really need you to help me correct the following sentences. (They are from the essays I’m writing)1. I have an “excellent”-level BBMC certificate.(N.B. : There are two types of BBMC certs, each presenting a different level: “excellent” and “basic”)2. This seems to be akin to Bruce’s […]

I want this to be perfect… please help?

i have to give this story/ essay soon and i want it to be perfect… if u have any corrections please do tellI saw her weeping, trying to hide her tears. Everyone else was so busy in their own work to even notice Rachael. I wanted to go to her, comfort her but then how […]

College application essay help Please!?

Hi, I’m writing an essay for a college application. The option they are giving me to write about is:Imagine it’s your senior year of college and you have complete freedom to explore one topic that interests you. What topic would you choose to study and why?I thought that I would write about my interest in […]

Is my essay good? please help. need ur advice!?

Don’t you hate the school’s lunch you get? It’s nasty? You hate it? Don’t you wish that you can get better school lunch other than the one you are having at school? If we receive lunch from the school most kids won’t eat. Once this happens you become hungry and are very eager to get […]

English question please help?

I have to write an essay and and compare two poems funeral blues by W H Auden and ode on the death of a favourite cat etc by Thomas Gray i have to talk about imagery, structure and language for each poem but im not sure what she means can you talk me through it […]

German Speakers Please?

Can anyone translate the following please or as many as you can?!1-I am buying a dress for the wedding2-the people would like to speak with the doctor3-my brother worked in Germany for the summer holidays4-the children have gone to the shop5-we want to earn lots of money6-i hope to get good results in the leaving […]

Aspirations of an older generation? Children of the 60s and 70s help please?

I’m doing a Spanish essay on generational differences, so I want to hear your opinions. It’d really help if you could answer some (or all) of these questions:What were the main aspirations of children growing up in the 60s and 70s?What did you all want to be, or do to change the world?What do you […]

I have an essay due on Monday I need help please?

Okay so our teacher gave us an essay due for Monday the topic is My secret life as a superhero.Can anyone give me great introduction to the story.I want it to be dark and gloomy so if anyone has ideas write them up.I know im being picky but I need the help. Thanks you. Oh […]

Compare and contrast essay topic help please ! :(?

can someone please help me think of a compare and contrast topic for an essay? a topic, that i can have three articles on and compare all 3 articles in the essay oh my God someone please help…i jus wana cry plz plz….give me some ideas thanks ill be waiting. i have to to this […]