How to write an play essay

What function alcohol has played in your life and what role it will play in the future…?

I’m trying to get ideas for an essay question I have to answer for my treatment group.

Help On Sophocle’s usage of the number three (3) in his play?

I am writing an essay on opedius the king and do not quite understand the prompt. I am stuck on it a while now. help will be greatly appreciated.”The number three appears several times throughout the play. Laios is killed where the three roads met. Oedipus is three times damned: damned in birth, damned in […]

Who are some heroes and villains in the play MACBETH and why do they fall into those roles?

Hi everyone, i have to write an essay on the play Macbeth and I need 4 characters who are either all cowards, all heroes or a mix of each. So far I am thinking of having Banquo and Malcolm as heroes, but i need some ideas for cowards. Our teacher told us to try to […]

How do you cite Sophocles’ play Antigone in a works cited page?

I had to write an essay on Sophocles’ Antigone and include a works cited page. I don’t know how I would do this in MLA form. All the information I have is the Title- Antigone and Author- Sophocles because it’s not really in a book my teacher just made us a packet. Any ideas?

What is a good title for an essay about the reasons why you should play sports in highschool?

I am going to explain that sports in highschool help your social life and make you active and a few other reasons why highschoolers should play sports

How are Macbeth and Banquo viewed by the other characters in the play?

I have to write an essay and I need some points for this topic, or if you have a better topic and points to contrast macbeth and banquo that would be extremely helpful. Im really stuck

Would you let your child play with barbie?

im doing this poll for my essay about barbie. why or why not would you let your child play with a barbie. thank you this will help out a lot.

How do you properly cite drama, (play lines) into an essay?

Hey. I just got done with poetry, in that we integrated our stuff into the essay like:Blah said, “Chitty chitty / bang bang” (Johnson).the “/” meaning *line down*How do we do this kind of stuff for plays, in which I’m not offered line numbers, but just scenes?

What do you think of this idea (play)?

Have you ever wondered what college was really like?Six friends who are just about to finish there first year in College and start there exams..have decided to go for a few drinks to end the year in there favorite bar…Tullys.But as always in College a few quiet drinks, will never be just a few quiet […]

How important is “insight” in the play “King Lear” ?

and what evidence could you use to back this up?An essay question, due tomorrow. Last minute, I know. Please help?