How to write an persuasive essay

I’m writing a persuasive essay on sex, what kind of angles could I actually ‘argue’?

I can see writing a paper on sex, but exactly what could I argue? Please, nothing about abortion…

Persuasive essay disagreeing that a solution to poverty is that prosperous people should donate their money.?

Please include pros and cons to the argument

Write a persuasive essay detailing and critically summarizing who you think should be punished/ or pardoned?

What you should write is:1. Introductiona. Reason for writing (e.g. recent prison outbreaks, increasing crime)b. Main idea (everybody should have a second chance to decide how to live)2. Body – three supporting ideas/reasons for your opinion. (who decides what is right or wrong, do we need to punish, do we have the right to punish […]

What is a good persuasive essay topic?

I need an interesting topic for an english paper. It needs to be something out of the ordinary and not a topic that has been argued too many times. It has to be arguable with several strong points and not something that is purely opinion based. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

How to start my illuminati persuasive essay (ten points)?

can any of you creative people write me my first paragraph on my persuasive essay on the illuminati? im just bad on writing the first paragraph i know that i should introduce the topic, inform the reader of my piont of veiw. entice my reader to continue with the rest of the paper and then […]

What could be a good title for my persuasive essay on sex education?

Thesis Statement:Sex education should include more than the topic of abstinence.Supporting Paragraphs:- when students are given misleading information about sex they are being denied there basic rights 2 health information-It’s critical for students to be taught about condoms nd contraceptives-there needs to be more parent involvement when it come to educating kids about sexPLEASE HELP […]

Persuasive Essay Help?

Scenario: Your principle says school yearbooks are too expensive and not may students can afford to buy them. So, you may not get a yearbook that year. Should the yearbook be published or not? (3 reasons why or why not please)

I need help starting a persuasive essay on finishing school after having a baby… the importance of?

what points can I bring up to support my view?

Persuasive Essay Help? (Protecting the environment)?

I have to do an essay on protecting the environment and I’m stuck. I don’t know where to start, how to start, what to research, where to research, etc. So if any one has any ideas how to help please do. Just need some information. Please and thank you(:

What does a persuasive essay outline look like?

can you type the format of the outline. for ex:Expository Essay outline isI. Introduction A. Attention getter B. background info C.. ThesisII. Body: Paragraph 1 A. Transition B. Topic sentence C. concrete detail III. Body: paragraph 2IV Body: paragraph 4V. conclusionil need to know what to put in the intro ,body, and conclusion. make it […]