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French speakers: Where can “rapidement” go in these sentences other than after pas?

In the sentence “il ne s’est pas rase” is it possible to insert the adverb “rapidement” anywhere other than after “pas”?And what about the sentences:elle n’a pas fait ses devoirs elle essaye de ne pas faire ses devoirs User tags:yhs-fh_lsonsw

Sterilisation of substance abusers or other potentially unfit parents?

my arguement is about we should sterislise those parents what are some points or different paragraphs that i could have in my essay could you help please?

How can I learn to speed-read? Or, what are some other reading techniques that might help me?

I haven’t had a desire to learn in the past, I used to be a very fast reader; I’d go in spurts here and there reading a book (200-400 pages) every day or two when I wasn’t in classes (or very intense classes, at least).Last summer, I was in several car accidents and suffered a […]

How much money is lost if someone is discharged from the army or any other branch of the u.s. military?

i’m doing a paper on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and i want to state something about this in my essay

Essay Ideas for Maximum Ride: Saving the world and other extreme sports.?

So, I have to write a 3 pages (THREE freaking pages) on a novel. So I chose a novel I love and have read several times before. So obviously I chose Maximum Ride: Saving the world and other extreme sports. Only I need help with ideas.I’m not good at noticing literary elements in books, and […]

In the crucible, what character wrongly accuses other characters out of fear?

I have an essay on The Crucible. We read the book a month or two ago and I didn’t pay much attention to it. I remember during the court case that one of the characters was told that if they did not tell the court the names of other guilty people, they would be put […]

How are Macbeth and Banquo viewed by the other characters in the play?

I have to write an essay and I need some points for this topic, or if you have a better topic and points to contrast macbeth and banquo that would be extremely helpful. Im really stuck

I’m writing an argumentative essay on bullying..I’m against bullying but how would I argue the other side?..?

Could someone give me some examples on how to argue the opposing side?It would greatly appreciated…Thanks!

Multistating on the bar – other than Michigan?

I know that in Michigan if you get a 150 on the MBE, you pass and the graders don’t even bother with the essays. Are there any other states that do same thing?

What makes art, art? I am writing an essay over this, and I want other opinions bc I’m no good with art.?

Consider what you think of as art and then try to explain what makes it art. What do you respond to in a work of art? Is it the way it looks, or the way it makes you feel or the ideas it brings to mind? How important are the formal qualities?. How important is […]