How to write an ones essay

Cod4 or mw2? whic ones better?

my 3rd time asking after getting no good responses im gonna put this into short words read my other post for my full opinion because i could write a full 4 page essay for school about my mw2 opinion. I bought mw2 a few weeks after christmas 09 and kinda pissed at how noob-friendly and […]

To what extent should one depend on others to help solve one’s own problems?

“We often think that it is better to solve problems on our own than to depend on others. Of course, dependence can be taken to extremes, but interdependence is also part of human nature. The tacit understandings that develop from giving are receiving help are essential to our emotional survival.I’m writing an essay on this […]

In “the ones who walk away from Omelas” why are the ones who walk away heroes?

I have to write a 1500 word essay on why the ones who walk away are heroes? I know that it is because they are choosing to leave the society and not support it and becasue they can’t live in the society knowing what is happening. I am trying to make an out line and […]

Could i get into a CSU? if i could, which ones?

Could i get into a CSU?i was planning on applying for community college but i may just apply to a CSU just to see if i could get inthis is sort of a joke, so don’t be mean3.3 weighted3.2 unweighted-AP Euro: 3-AP US history:4-AP Environmental: 3-no clubs-50 hours community service.-never failed any ap exams-got a […]

How to write an essay about hatred and hapiness effecting love in ones lives?

Can you please help me with this one. I need the structure. It is a intro with my theisis. Body 1, 2 and 3 and then conclsuion with tie to theisis.

I have a 5 page arguementative essay and i need a few more ideas on what to write about, any good ones?

i have some good ideas but i want a lil more just so i can choose from a wide selection, i want to do my paper on something that will get a lot of attention and get me a good grade. also, if u have any ideas on what i can do my psychology presentation […]

What is a good quote for an essay that describes ones self?

I need this by tomorrow. Thanks to anyone that can help.

More sophisticated spanish words to use instead of basic ones (i.e instead of “diferente” or “cosa”)…?

I’m writing an essay and my teacher takes off points for words that are too basic like diferente, cosa, interesante, pienso que, otra vez, bueno etc. Can someone give me a list of good sophisticated words to use instead of the normal basic ones (of more than the ones I listed too)? Thanks