How to write an mind!? essay

I’ve got loads of homework to finish essays ect but it’s really late, how do I keep my mind working?

how do I conquer tiredness to the point where I can think clearly? I really can’t just do it in the morning, I need to do it now.

Need YOUR help on essay ideas! Whatever you’ve got in the back of your mind!?

Question is, “Why shouldn’t cellphones and ipods be allowed in classrooms?”I’ve got great ideas for why they shouldn’t, but i need ideas that would makes people go wow! Thanks for the extra help!Ideas so far are… Distractractions, wrong use of technology– cheating etc. , disturbances to others, more effective ways of contacting home for emergencies […]

B/Q: Random Assessment of the Writers Mind. What are your thoughts?

If you’ve seen any of my questions you’ll know that I read through a lot of dribble about writing, other author’s perspectives on writing, the market itself and all that has to do with writing.This question is no different. What I’m interested in seeing is your perspective on a few issues that I’ve recently read […]

Did The Giver change your mind about something or influenced you about something? Please help, assignment!?

I have to write an essay on how The Giver by Louis Lowry changed my mind on something or influenced me on something. It has to be something decent, no “never give up” stuff.Please help if you can by directing me to ACTUAL helpful webpages or listing your own views on the book on how […]

Anyone mind correcting part of my essay? ;D?

Topic : Should students be able to pick out their own book or the same book? Info: Take a position on this question. Use specific reasons and example to support your position.In my opinion, I would consider the student to be able to select their own books for English. The main point of this ideas […]

What comes to mind when you hear military?

I’m writing an essay for my JROTC class. It’s like a P.E class but sponsored by the army.. Anyway, the essay question is “Is there pride in serving the military?” I want to know.. what do you think when you hear the word military or serving in the military. Thanks! Be honest I dont care […]

Which is better in your mind.. Buffy the vampire slayer the tv show or the movie Twilight?

I am writing a essay comparing and contrasting the two, and just curious what others think of the two. Which one do you think is the better, and what differences do you see in how they portray vampires?

What comes to mind for an english essay argumenative/descritive title “Light and Shadow”?

It must be an argumentative, or at most, descriptive essay, it cant be narrative.I thought of going about it as light and shadow being good and evil…. What do you think?any other themes or ideas to help me out?I have to write around 500-600 words – A Level standard..

What comes to your mind when you think of a Ballet tutu?

I am writing an essay on how a Ballet tutu has the same qualities as a 3 year old girl. And please DO NOT say ballet or dance….. its a little obvious Thank you

“A man’s mind is essentially God’s blueprints”?

I’m doing an essay, and I was wondering if this quote that I made up is good. Is it deep? Too cheesy? Tell me. Please interpret this in your own words.