How to write an legal essay

What are the differences between the legal and political aspects of the UK constitution?

I have an essay due in and i just need a starting point but cant really find any relevant information. Please help

I need some real legitimate reasons marijuana should be legal for an essay?

nothing stupid like it heals the mind and soul…i need real legitimate reasons it should be legal and can be backed up by some sort of data if anyone can help me id appreciate it

What is legal freedom?

im a law studentI have to write an essay about legal freedom.The question is “what do you understand by the term of “legal freedom?”can you guys help me?

I need a good argument for why the legal drinking age should be 18 rather than 21?

i am doing an essay on why the legal drinking age should be 18 rather than 21 and i need your help. here are some of my examples please help me think of more:an 18 year old can risk their lives dying for their country in war, yet can not drink a beer to celebrate […]

How do I cite a legal case document in text?

I am writing an essay on the sentencing aims in regards to a specific example, that is, the sentence given by a judge, if I want to write something like:Rehabilitation prospects were described by a forensic psychologist as “poor.”I got the word poor from the sentencing document. What do I write after it? I have […]

Does intensive media coverage of the legal system affect the development of new laws?

As the topic mentioned above, this is my essay topic and it’s about effects of media reporting…But i don’t really understand what the question wants me to talk about.. Yeah…. So does intensive media coverage of the legal system affect the development of the new laws? And why? Thanks a million!

Self defence as a legal defence?

i’m doing an essay on how we should be able to have a weopeon such as a baseball bat to defend ourselves in case of a robbery. It is agaisnt the law to have a weopeon beside your bed for self defence. I need some points of arguments that supports the point; we should have […]

Should homosexuals enjoy the same legal benefits as other married couples?

I am doing a short essay on this question but am running out of information on what right do homosexuals already have. I also want opinion. This is an argumentive essay so all opinions matter.

Law essay on homosexuality – legal aspects and human rights?

I am going to write my essay about the legal aspects and human rights of homosexuality. Does anyone have any good websites/papers/documentaries about the law and rights that LGBT have had to come over and still are coming over.

What are 3 good reasons marijuana should be legal?

I’m doing an argument essay and I need three reasons why marijuana should be legal.So any argumental reasons please. thank you very much!I appreciate it.