How to write an know essay

I don’t know anything about art but i have to do an art essay. help?

I have an essay to write for higher art. it is to be on russian constructivism, alexander rodchenko and neville brody. i don’t have a clue what to write in terms of structure, content or even a first sentence. please help me. 8S

Do you know any song lyrics about diversit?

I am writing an essay on diversity and I would like to open it with song lyrics. It would be awesome if someone could give me some sweet lyrics about diversity or multicultural stuff. I would especially appreciate it it was the Beatles or an old school song, but really anything would do!Thank you guys […]

Help please! Does anyone know how can I begin an essay about two short stories?

begin with a rhetorical question about the stories or a statement that catches someone’s attention. look through the web b/c there are many sites that help with that. =)

Tell me what you know about the Sahara Desert!?

I have to write a 7 paragraph essay on the Sahara Desert and I’ve already covered: Camels, Oases, Sandstorms and Salt. What else? Could you help me think of 2 other topics please! And explain what your talking about. Thanks!

Does anyone know any website that correct essays?

I’m looking for a good online essay-writing/ correcting website, whether free or not. Does anyone know any?

Do u know any website that teach how to write a terrified essay?

The website that I want should be like have lot essays from good writer, so I look in to get information

How can I let him know I like him? Or do I ask him out?

So basically I like my friend. A lot. We’re not very close but he’s in my class at sixth form and over the last year we’ve been speaking a lot. About 6 months ago we went to a party and that was where I spoke to him and we flirted a lot after having a […]

Essay Please help i know topic but don’t know how to address it…?

im doing an essay contest on discrimination against certain group like racism of sexual orientation i think i want to do either sexual orientation and maybe gender, what would be a good way of addressing this? i was thinking about gay bashing but i dont know and i need to include how to rise up […]

Do you know any good sites for searching out information on pastoral economic comunities in Asia/Africa?

I need to prepare a photo essay on the above topic, also describing the impact of colonization through policies of the colonizers- steps taken for the development of these communities and the impact of colonization on their development in the 18th and 19th centuries.Help! I’m so lost!

Does anyone know how to analyze a film? ?

I need to analyze a myth, discourse, hegemony in a film, I chose an Indonesian movie called ” a Long Road To Heaven”, it tells the story about the planning a few months before the bombing, the bali bombing in 2002, and the trial in 2003 . could anyone tell me how to analyze all […]