How to write an keep essay

What do you say at the end of an arguing letter to the coturmores about that we would like to keep open…….?

A sports center ((((This is only a prctice essay))))Do you put your sincerly or ….? really confused sorry Thank you and sorry about bad spelling.

What are some responsible ways to keep our country free?

I am writing an essay on: Freedom Requires Responsibility. I need some ways so i can win. If i do i get $500! So i need some ways besides fighting in war and voting. pllllllllllzzzzzzzzz HELP!

Why do people keep on telling me I’m childish if I spell “you” like “u”?

People are like, maybe if you spelled “u” like “you” I’d take you more seriously. Its the frigen internet like comon tons of people make spelling mistakes and shorten their words… I obviously don’t spell like that if I was writing an essay or something in school… and u understood what I meant didnt you?

I forgot the word, I keep thinking scorn?

Not sure if it is scorn. I’m writing an essay about 9/11. The author ____ the terrorists. I don’t remember the word. Brain farts. Blah Blah.The only examples I can think of is “The father ____ his son when he stole a candy bar” or “The teacher ____ the student after he had made fun […]