How to write an keep essay

I’ve got loads of homework to finish essays ect but it’s really late, how do I keep my mind working?

how do I conquer tiredness to the point where I can think clearly? I really can’t just do it in the morning, I need to do it now.

Should universities keep core classes (ex: college math) or should students only have to take needed classes?

i have to write an essay arguing whether i think universities should keep core classes or not & explain why? It’s mostly talking about the math classes. Anyone have any ideas of why we should keep or not keep core math classes. It all revolves around some guy would complained saying he doesn’t need math […]

I have a an in-class essay to write tomorrow and I’m dead tired. Any ideas to keep me awake and focused?

All I need to do is plan out the paper on a small half-sheet. The thing is, I got 5 hours of sleep last night and have barely made it through the day… I can’t have caffeine or I won’t be able to sleep tonight and will do horrible when I actually write the essay… […]

What are reasons to keep PE?

I know i know, 25 million children in the U.S. are obese but what are reasons to keep it in schools? my principal was thinking of cuttinng PE from our school. so our teacher has had for us to come up with a persuasive essay to persuade him to keep it. i need three reasons.

History essay-how do I formulate a plan to keep the U.S. out of Vietnam yet not allow communism…?

to spread to South Vietnam & surrounding areas of South East Asia.things to consider- U.S. Foreign policy (stop the spread of communism)-Domino Theory-Reputation of the U.S.

Part of my story… keep or change? HELP ME PLEASE?

this is the beginning to my story. what do you think? what should i change, please help me. its already 6 pages long and im still writing.I woke up with a sore neck from sleeping on my laptop because I was working late on my police cadet assignment. This police academy is not your typical […]

Friends keep saying essay is good need more feedback?

Could you read my narrative essay, I need some feedback. Paragraphs don’t indent on here. This narrative essay is college level. My friends and family say its good but I need all the feedback I can get.The bond a person shares with their canine companion is a special relationship. It’s unbreakable because the dog and […]

Essay on should we try to keep people alive at all costs no matter what their physical or mental condition is?

need help answrsing this essy quesiton reasonswhy ?

I’m typing an essay and i want to know if this is correct : Which brings on the next subject; to keep an?

Please hurry !

I have to write a BIG essay but I’m tired. Is there anything I could take that wouldn’t keep me up all night?

It’s like, 9:00 at night right now and I had to stay up to do homework last night too, so I’m REALLY tired. Is there anything I could take that would keep me up for about 3 hours or so, but won’t make it so that I can’t sleep at all? After this essay I […]