How to write an ideas essay

Gun Control essay .. need some ideas?

Please give me an outline to write about Gun control essay .. plzzzz

AP English essay title ideas?

I am writing a college level process essay (fancy name for how-to). It is about “How-to” evade doing unpleasant chores by completing them so poorly that you are no longer asked to do them. I need a catchy title that is still professional. I will give best answer for any good ideas. Thanks Below is […]

Can somebody help me with ideas for Term Paper for The Catcher in the Rye?

My thesis statement is about Holgers alienation. so for this essay we need three things that shows the alienation. I have picked quotes, symbolism, and imagery. I have all of my “primary” sources from my book but i also need 4 secondary sources coming from either online or an article or whatever isnt from the […]

What others ideas about friends and change?

ok im writting an essay and i need tree things to talk about i already have the first two but my third is about friends but now i need to talk about tree things thats has to do with friends and chage but i dont know hat to use.can you please help me decide on […]

I need help putting all these ideas in one concluding sentence for an essay. Can you help?

My future is something that I am ready to embrace, and if fate allows, I am ready to accomplish everything I have planned for myself.Or something like that. I need help rewording it. All help and input will be appreciated. Thanks!

Does anyone have good topic ideas for an argumentative essay?

I need to write a 10 page argumentative essay on a topic that isn’t cliche (like abortion, gun control, same sex marriage, capital punishment, violence and the media, ect., you know the type) and I’m having a REALLY hard time coming up with a topic that I could argue about for 10 pages. Any suggestions?

Essay ideas? HELP? EASY 10 POINTS?

Ok i really need ideas for my essay. We have to write an essay with the title “It happened by magic”.I don’t want to write about something cliche that most people will write about.Pleaseeee give me some ideas i’ll love you forever

I need some artists for this essay… ideas?

I’m writing my final and need two more modern artists/designers/thinkers. I already did Steve Jobs because it was just too easy to cite quotes from him on design and creative thinking. Any other ideas on who I could use? I’ve already written about Banksy and Basquiat this semester.

Shakespeare essay ideas?

So we need to write an essay that deals with shakespeare, like something about his life, or his writings. i thought about writing about the wall, juliettes wall but idk.any ideas?

How does shakespeare convey ideas about guilt in Macbeth?

im looking at Act 1, Scene 6 and Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2.right now im anaylsing the quote “stars hide your fires, let not light see my black and deep desires” and the conversation between banquo and macbeth. when banquo asks who goes there and banqo answers “A friend”im just looking for a bit […]