How to write an history essay

What can I do as an Art History major?

I’m currently an undeclared freshman at UC Berkeley and am considering a major in Art History. I loved the Art History class I took last semester, and writing essays is definitely one of my strengths (I’ve gotten an A on every college essay I’ve written so far). Plus there’s another Art History class I want […]

How would you view Asia and it’s history and development?

Pleeaassee? Can somebody please answer this? I really really need this right now. It’s for my Essay. Please?

History essay help? WWI – Australias involment?

I need some help for my essay because i have no idea how to start it.. our teachers hasnt given us an exact question, just little things like: Who started it, What was Australias involment etc.. HELP!Thanks

Help on history essay?

my topic question is “how did technology affect the working conditions in america?” (1776-1920)i need 5 historical examples and 3 arguments and i’m in need of some assistance. i don’t think separating my essay into the 3 centuries would be the best idea, what’s another way to separate it? and as for historical examples, would […]

This is for my american history class and im stuck! I have to write an argumentative essay. help please?!?

This is for my american history class and im stuck! I have to write an argumentative essay about how and why?baseball is important to American History. Please help me! =( This is worth about 15% of my gradee. THANK YOU!

How do I do a bibliography for a history essay?

Well, my teacher assigned my entire class to do this year’s Daughters of the American Revolution essay entitled “Jamestown Colony is Settled.” I have finished, but I need my bibliography correct, because I don’t remember a thing! My sources: Wikipidia, the Free Encyclopedia, Jamestown Colony (web page), Virtual Jamestown List of Colonists (web page), and […]

Which essay should i write about for U.S. history (11th grade)..?

i get to choose one out of these three to write about.. which would be the easiest and where can i find information on it so i can be prepared to write about it on my final tomorrow..?1. Compare and contrast Truman’s Fair Deal and Johnson’s Great Society. In this essay you will need to […]

College Level American History Essay?

I need to answer this in 12 pages in a blue book. Here’s the question: Trace the growth of democracy in the American colonies and the United States from 1607 to 1877. In your answer be sure to say whether the major events of the period enhanced or hindered democracy. (Be sure to define democracy […]

AP world history essay question?

so today in ap world we had a substiture who gave us a slip of paper and basically said do this and turn it in tommorow so i was wondering if you know any of these questions.1.) why did the people of North America not achieve the population density of the societies of Mesoamerica?2.) What […]

World history chap.5 HELP!?

I need help on this Question/Essay How has Alexander the Great’s Legacy and the Hellenistic Age effected the World. ?10 points for qood answer