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Need help with german.?

How do you say phrases such as “…..from……..”? We haven’t learned phrases like this in class yet and I would like to be able to use this in an essay we have to right next week.An example would be “The ski trail runs from the top of the mountain to the bottom”

I don’t know anything about art but i have to do an art essay. help?

I have an essay to write for higher art. it is to be on russian constructivism, alexander rodchenko and neville brody. i don’t have a clue what to write in terms of structure, content or even a first sentence. please help me. 8S

Need help solving this problem?

Essay; show all work. The property restoration company PuroServ is considering switching to new dehumidifiers. Their market research, considering the cost of the new machines and their efficiency, tells them that the switch would give them a 72% chance of making a $20,000 profit, a 14% chance of breaking even, and a 14% chance of […]

How to put quotes in my essay? help – english!?

Both poems I have studied cover the topic of the first world war. However, they are very different in tone and emphasis. Harold Begbie’s poem “Fall In” shows how he believes going to war is important: “It is naught to you if your country fall, and right is smashed by wrong?”He uses persuasive arguments in […]

Can someone help me pick the topics for my essay?

I don’t want anyone to do it for me, I just want to know which three are the easiest to find information about. Thank you! =)Pick any three of the seven choices and compare and contrast the nervous system, circulatory system and locomotion of these groups as it relates to the environment they are found […]

Please Help Me With Correcting These Sentences. Thanks:)?

Hi, guys. English is my 2nd language and I really need you to help me correct the following sentences. (They are from the essays I’m writing)1. I have an “excellent”-level BBMC certificate.(N.B. : There are two types of BBMC certs, each presenting a different level: “excellent” and “basic”)2. This seems to be akin to Bruce’s […]

Some serious help i suck at english! Check my answers?

Read the following line from Langston Hughes’s “The ***** Speaks of Rivers.”_I’ve known_ rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins.11. The underlined text in the line is an example of (1 point)present perfect tense.past perfect tense.present tense.—–past tense.12. In “The Life You Save May Be Your […]

I want this to be perfect… please help?

i have to give this story/ essay soon and i want it to be perfect… if u have any corrections please do tellI saw her weeping, trying to hide her tears. Everyone else was so busy in their own work to even notice Rachael. I wanted to go to her, comfort her but then how […]

College application essay help Please!?

Hi, I’m writing an essay for a college application. The option they are giving me to write about is:Imagine it’s your senior year of college and you have complete freedom to explore one topic that interests you. What topic would you choose to study and why?I thought that I would write about my interest in […]

Is my essay good? please help. need ur advice!?

Don’t you hate the school’s lunch you get? It’s nasty? You hate it? Don’t you wish that you can get better school lunch other than the one you are having at school? If we receive lunch from the school most kids won’t eat. Once this happens you become hungry and are very eager to get […]