How to write an have essay

I don’t know anything about art but i have to do an art essay. help?

I have an essay to write for higher art. it is to be on russian constructivism, alexander rodchenko and neville brody. i don’t have a clue what to write in terms of structure, content or even a first sentence. please help me. 8S

I’m writing a 4,000 word essay and I have used evidence from the minutes of a council meeting in 1834. Does?

anyone know how to reference this using the Harvard system?

Does mass media have an affect on your childs life? or even yours? why or why not?

I’m doing an arguementative essay for my college english class and I really need opinions and any other help possible thanks

Why do lobsters have teeth in their stomach?

I know that lobsters have teeth in their stomach and its like a gastric mill but why are they placed in the stomach and not in the mouth. Its for a bio essay i am trying to explain why it is an adaptation. Thanks for any help!

Do you have to writes essays in basic bootcamp?

I don’t know what “basic bootcamp” is. But in Army Basic Combat Training, they make the muscleheads write essays when they done somethin’ bad. Smart people like me did push-ups. I got stronger, but no one ever got smarter, so I’m not entirely sure what the point of the essays was. Punishment, I guess.

Anyone else in school and have a baby?

How the hell do you get your homework done?I am taking 3 classes this quarter, which is full time, but not that much work and I cna’t ever get it done. I have a lot of pressure too because I can lose my financial aid if I don’t keep my gpa decent. Everytime I start […]


The orginal piece says : “While it may very well be that Alfred Hitchcock was ‘the master of suspense,’ he was also, and perhaps even more strongly, a master of the irrational.” Can i change up the text to say : “While it may very well be that Bernard Herrman was the master of film […]

What impact did Europe and the West have on non-Europeans in the time period 1500-1850?

I need to write an essay, and here are the directions: “Analyze the impact Europe and the West had on non-Europeans in the time period 1500-1850. Why did some regions become industrialized nations while others became underdeveloped and backward in a relative sense? Be sure to focus on Europe and non-European regions such as Africa, […]

I have an essay due on Monday I need help please?

Okay so our teacher gave us an essay due for Monday the topic is My secret life as a superhero.Can anyone give me great introduction to the story.I want it to be dark and gloomy so if anyone has ideas write them up.I know im being picky but I need the help. Thanks you. Oh […]

I have a question about tornadoes?

I am fascinated by tornadoes, although I am sure, if ever faced with one, I would probably cack my pants, but living in the UK, we obviously don’t see them very often, if at all, but I was wandering…..What do americans do if a tornado is coming?How do you know (before you see it)?What happens […]