How to write an genocide essay

What should I write for a conclusion on a genocide essay?

Sum up your main points. Sometimes it’s useful to use the expression, “in conclusion,” as it gives your paragraph direction.

I need a good thesis statement for Rwandan Genocide to argue for and against?

writing an essay. wanted to go abouts how it could have been prevented, why nothing was done & if this was the only genocide unprevented. I dont know how to put this into a thesis statement

Current Genocide Essay topic help ?

I have an essay due on current genocide, and cannot find a suitable topic, help please? it has to be current, not like the Holocaust or anything.thank you.

How is the Darfur Genocide in Sudan “alike” to the holocaust?

i have to write and essay and i have to have 5 refrences so far i have 1. Many people have died-Mass killing2. they died from Diease & famine3?4? 5? i really need help please. & i have no idea how to start my eassy please help me!?

Armenian genocide persuasive essay?

i have to write a persuasive essay and the arguement is: did the armenian genocide exist or not……and i support it (I think it did exist) .I have already gotten my reasons’counter arguemet & was wandering what others reasons’counter arguements were…………………thankkkkkssss a Bundddle(: