How to write an from essay

I’m writing a 4,000 word essay and I have used evidence from the minutes of a council meeting in 1834. Does?

anyone know how to reference this using the Harvard system?

“Pain is beauty” where or who did this quote originate from?

I’m just curious as to where this quote came from exactly. I plan on using it in an essay, but I can’t find a source that claims it. One link said it was in the movie ‘Grease’ but was that the first place it came from or did they use it from something/someone else too?

Do you think that ww1 showed that there are some weapons that should be banned from the battle field?

I have to answer a essay question that asks if some weapons from world war one, such as gas, anti-personnel mines, should be banned from war. Any good information about weapons like that would help. Thanks!

What a good thesis statement for essay on why teachers should be banned from facebook from students?

Please help me!

How much money is lost if someone is discharged from the army or any other branch of the u.s. military?

i’m doing a paper on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and i want to state something about this in my essay

What do you call it when a vehicle is hit from the side?

I’ve heard the term ‘T-boned’ but its not proper. Is there a proper term for this? I need it for an english essay i’m doing

What Ideology is Louis Griffin from Family Guy?

We are doing a essay about which characters that are liberals or conservatives or reactionaries etc.Im picking louis griffin because she seems like she influences people lol. Where do you think she falls in the politcal spectrum? Do you think she is a Radical ?Liberal? Moderate? Conservative? Reactionary?And what actions did she take to support […]

Why should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to 18?

I know the basics: You can buy cigarettes at 18.The government believes you are responsible enough to choose the president of our country, but not responsible enough to have a beer.They believe you are old enough to be inclined to jury duty and decide the outcome of someones life, yet you aren’t responsible enough to […]

What are any arguments that can be made from the book, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy?

I need an argument to write about and support in an essayany help would be greatly appreciated!

How do people from different racial and ethnic groups maintain their cultural heritage?

Please help! I have to write an essay over the Latinos, Texas, and the Alamo, and I need help? Thx.