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How to put quotes in my essay? help – english!?

Both poems I have studied cover the topic of the first world war. However, they are very different in tone and emphasis. Harold Begbie’s poem “Fall In” shows how he believes going to war is important: “It is naught to you if your country fall, and right is smashed by wrong?”He uses persuasive arguments in […]

Some serious help i suck at english! Check my answers?

Read the following line from Langston Hughes’s “The ***** Speaks of Rivers.”_I’ve known_ rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins.11. The underlined text in the line is an example of (1 point)present perfect tense.past perfect tense.present tense.—–past tense.12. In “The Life You Save May Be Your […]

AP English essay title ideas?

I am writing a college level process essay (fancy name for how-to). It is about “How-to” evade doing unpleasant chores by completing them so poorly that you are no longer asked to do them. I need a catchy title that is still professional. I will give best answer for any good ideas. Thanks Below is […]

English question please help?

I have to write an essay and and compare two poems funeral blues by W H Auden and ode on the death of a favourite cat etc by Thomas Gray i have to talk about imagery, structure and language for each poem but im not sure what she means can you talk me through it […]

Need help making a thesis, English!?

I read a book called The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. Now i need to write an essay on it. I have chosen to write my essay about how the structure and the different narratives in the novel were used to foreshadow the story. I need help putting this into better wording. My mind has […]

English Augumentative Essay Help !?

Do teenager now days is obsessed with fashion ? please help mi ans this question

What are some good topics for and English 102 essay: arguing a position?

it CANNOT be something over used ex: abortion, illegal you have any good ideas?

Can an english writing teacher help me with my essay?

Please I need help asap, I am somewhat average with writing. Leave me your email and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Thanks!

How to edit the introduction for my english essay about To kill a mockingbird & the stranger?

prompt: how the author’s background and life influenced these novels*must be in present tense unless talking about the author’s past* no contractions*punctuaction & grammar & spelling Introduction:Harper Lee’s work of fiction ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is one of the greatest and most outstanding novels ever written. Despite the fact that it is fiction, the novel […]

Okay so I got assigned to write a 5 paragraph essay for english and…?

It’s supposed to be about your happy place, I’m just writing about rainbows, the beach, etc. What else could I write about to add in it? Write calming things please! Thanks.