How to write an effective essay

Would dr jekyll and mr hyde be as effective of its protagonist were female?

essay question how can i write

What makes an article or an essay effective and good?

Just want to know some points that you think makes an article or an essay effective.

Which paragraph is more effective as a body paragraph?

I just need to get an objective opinion here…my English teacher took a paragraph out of my essay (about whether Rip van Winkle’s slumber is a blessing or a curse) and “modified” it, then proceeded to explain to the entire class why mine sucked and his was better. Naturally, I was outraged and indignant. Now […]

Do you this is an effective thesis statement?

I am writing a compare and contrast essay. Without knowing what I am comparing or contrasting, how effective do you think my thesis is (is it arguable, does it give my stance on a matter, and does it hold any importance in the real world, outside of the world of literature)? Thesis: “Despite being very […]

I got to write agument essay on “where i lived and what i lived for” how do i argue the article is effective?

how do i write an agument essay on “where i lived and what i lived for” how do i argue that the article is effective?

Does this sentence make sense and is it effective for my essay?

I have an essay due in 2 weeks. Its a persuasive essay against the use of steroids. So I was trying to make an effective sentence to end my essay. Someone tell me if this is effective to stop steroid use and get me a good grade. =) Please help! Here’s my sentence: Steroid use […]

How do you write an effective introduction to an essay?

I’m bad at intros. The rest is fine, but because my introductions are so vague, it affects my whole essay.