How to write an crucible! essay

In the crucible, what character wrongly accuses other characters out of fear?

I have an essay on The Crucible. We read the book a month or two ago and I didn’t pay much attention to it. I remember during the court case that one of the characters was told that if they did not tell the court the names of other guilty people, they would be put […]

The Crucible Thesis Help?

So i’m writing an outline for a cause and effect essay. And I need help on coming up with a thesis for it. I’m writing about Giles Corey and how he was partially responsible for the tragic events and Abigail Williams, who was the most responsible the the tragic events (Hope i’m making sense! Sorry […]

Can any body give me an essay about THE CRUCIBLE?

I NEED AN AUTO BIOGRAPHY ABOUT A CHARACTER, how a character see touch and feel and all that plz i dont feel like doing this

Who is to blame in the Crucible?

I’m supposed to write a two paragraph essay. A little help please?I want to have an arguement about Abigail being to blame…I don’t know where to start

Is anyone really bored to where they want to help me with an essay on The Crucible?

I have to write an essay on how Proctor, Elizabeth, and Rev. Hale are dynamic characters. My thesis statement is ” John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Rev. Hale are dynamic characters, who through personal trials, evolve into humble persons who admit their faults”but I’m having a hardcore brain fart and can’t put words into it

Help with The Crucible?

In a short essay analyze the most important theme of The Crucible. Use evidence from Aristotle’s other 5 elements of drama to support your idea. Use at least 3 direct quotes from the play that demonstrate the theme. User tags:in a short essay analyze the most important theme of the crucible use evidence from aristotle\s […]

The Crucible! HELP!?

I’m a sophomore in High School and my teacher is very harsh. I NEED HELP PLEASE! I need to make a good thesis!–the prompt is about Abigail WilliamsAbigail Williams: During this time, a girl in Abigail’s situation (unmarried and an orphan) would normally be very powerless. Abigail, however, is clearly a very powerful character. Analyze […]

How does The Crucible exemplify Aristotle’s definition of a tragedy?

please help! thanks…anything and everything will help me finish an essay.

The Crucible Abigail Williams. Essay? Help?!?

I have to write an essay about why Abigail is guilty of conspiring to kill Elizabeth Proctor. I need three main topics and three supports and examples for each topic. It all has to lead to her trying to kill Elizabeth. I have no idea what to write. I really need help!? Please!? Ill answer […]

Can someone please help me with this questions about the play the crucible? (easy ten points)?

.In a short essay, discuss how the play The Crucible reflects the time in which it was written (the 1950′s). Be sure to mention political, religious, social, and artistic events that shaped the workIn a short essay analyze the most important theme of The Crucible. Use evidence from the Aristotle’s other 5 elements of drama […]