How to write an book essay

What is a good book to compare to Jane Eyre in a comparative essay?

i have to write a comparative essay on two books for english. I already read Jane Eyre, but i need one other book. i was thinking of wuthering heights. anyone have any other ideas for books?


ok so im suppose to do a report on a book in french : le lion by joseph kesseli havent read the book and i really need an essay on it for tomorow… can anyone help me? has anyone read it? i dont get the book at all and there are almost no resumes or […]

Easy book to do Essay on?

IS there a good book to do an essay on? preferably grade 12 level.? A book that is easy to talk about and has easy thesis topics etc.

Need help with the book Fantastic Voyage by asimov. essay and outline would be helpful?

A small question is fine, but no one here is going to do your entire homework assignment for you.

I need to write an essay on the book ON THE BEACH by NEVIL SHUTE?

I need to write an essay on the book ON THE BEACH by NEVIL SHUTE and it has to be on why the setting of the book was like that and any ideas?

I need some help with writing an essay for the book Slam! by Walter Dean Meyers?

Compare and contrast Ice and Slam to analyze why one has a future and the other may not. Include quotes.

Essay on the book, The Lovely Bones.?

i need to write an essay for 2morrow about the main theme of the book, it has to be 1500 words longi need to write a thesis people please help me. thank you

I need an essay topic for the book The Kite Runner. If anyone can help it would be appreciated?

Well there is a lot going on there but you could take different approaches: maybe the idea that in the story the narrator talks about the different ethnicity’s within the community and the discrimination that took place. Or you could focus on the point of view: his next book was through a woman’s eyes and […]

Book: The Lovely Bones?

What is a good thesis to write an essay on this book?

What are any arguments that can be made from the book, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy?

I need an argument to write about and support in an essayany help would be greatly appreciated!