How to write an architecture essay

Applying to Cooper Union Architecture: Do I need to send them an admission essay?

An essay is required per [external link] their admission materials for requirements for the essay. They will probably specify length, topic, and format.

Information for architecture essay – st martins square?

im doing an essay for uni and need to find out as much as i can on St. Martins Square at the Bullring in Birmingham, i cant find much on the internet, all i keep getting is st martins church, i need the history, its uses and how it is today etc…does anyone know where […]

IB extended essay on architecture?

Sounds like a good topic, but it might be a bit too broad. You should check with your adviser who can keep you on topic.

How does gothic architecture relate to Medieval Values?

I am doing an essay on this that is due tomorrow, and so far, I have found no information on how the two come together.Thank You!

Architecture: art or science?

this is an essay questions for tomorrow…………..:(help….!

Ancient architecture vs modern architecture?

i have to write an essay on architecture and public works “then and now”here’s what i have to include:what are the similarities and differences btwn Roman building techniques and modern ones?what elements of roman construction are still in use today?a society can be evaluated based on the art and architecture it has produced, based on […]

How would you write a 4,000 word essay on architecture?

I need to write and essay no longer than 4,000 words about Visual Arts… specifically architecture for my last year of the IB program. The best essays are about one artist inspiring another (or in this case and artist or art movement inspiring an architect or architectural movement or aspect) according to the guidelines! Thank […]

Essay topic for architecture?

I have to do an essay on the revolution of a building type..i’m doing skyscrapers and i chose the Chrysler building and Tribune Tower…these buildings were built only 5 years apart…i don’t understand what kind of thesis i can derive from just comparing these two buildings…i have information on different building styles, outside ornaments, buildings […]

What is architecture?

i was told to write a short essay on what i think architecture is…..but i cant really define plz

Suggestions for books on architecture?

In a few weeks, I will attend a summer program and will study architecture. As a prelude to the lectures, I need to develop a reading list on the topic, and to further develop an idea on which I need to write an essay. I’m going towards the direction of: To what extent is architecture […]