How to write an anyone essay

Anyone else in school and have a baby?

How the hell do you get your homework done?I am taking 3 classes this quarter, which is full time, but not that much work and I cna’t ever get it done. I have a lot of pressure too because I can lose my financial aid if I don’t keep my gpa decent. Everytime I start […]

Anyone read “The fish I didin’t catch”? 10 points!?

Here is a differant study guide i have for one more subject. (Reading) i have a final on. I don’t know these 3 questions… I think I will need to know them for the final exam I will be taking on this. Could you please help? Explain answers?2. Which technique does the narrator of “The […]

Help please! Does anyone know how can I begin an essay about two short stories?

begin with a rhetorical question about the stories or a statement that catches someone’s attention. look through the web b/c there are many sites that help with that. =)

I need a 5 paragraph essay on the movie Cinco Amigas can anyone help plz?

The writers at will help with writing any essay.

Does anyone have good topic ideas for an argumentative essay?

I need to write a 10 page argumentative essay on a topic that isn’t cliche (like abortion, gun control, same sex marriage, capital punishment, violence and the media, ect., you know the type) and I’m having a REALLY hard time coming up with a topic that I could argue about for 10 pages. Any suggestions?

Can anyone help me with this essay?

Here’s the topic [external link] …Page 3 of the PDF is the topic. It starts off “If anyone had asked Carol,” and it’s Question 2. Any Suggestions on what the prompt actually asks me? I’m stumped and any help would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch for all RELEVANT answers.

Does anyone know any website that correct essays?

I’m looking for a good online essay-writing/ correcting website, whether free or not. Does anyone know any?

New York State ELA Test on Tuesday. Can anyone recommend essay topics so I can practice for the test?

Hello. I am in 6th Grade and I am taking the NY State ELA tests this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I want to get a good score so I want to practice with sample questions, especially the essay questions. Can anyone recommend any sites that have practice tests? I especially would like to work on […]

Can anyone think of topics to write an arguementive essay about?

Besides abortion, assisted suicide, gay marriage…Thanks!

Anyone willing to read/edit my essay?

I had to write an essay about a deceased person who is important in U.S. history.I chose John Lennon.I’d like to email the essay to someone, and maybe they could read it and add corrections?I’m also not sure where/if i should break up the paragraph about the beatles, it’s pretty long, but I’m not sure […]