Cod4 or mw2? whic ones better?

my 3rd time asking after getting no good responses im gonna put this into short words read my other post for my full opinion because i could write a full 4 page essay for school about my mw2 opinion. I bought mw2 a few weeks after christmas 09 and kinda pissed at how noob-friendly and how cheaply made the maps are. the snipers in my opinion suck and alot of the perks and stuff are really gay. why would you honor a guy for sucking at mw2 (deathstreaks)? actually i would because he has a real life but you get the point. just a question post your opinion which one you like better and also if you still play cod4 or mw2 more. i have moved towards bad company 2 but if its one of those its cod4. i have noticed a huge drop of players on xbox live in cod4 from like 300,000 to maybe 10,000 average in the playlists overall and a whopping 58 people in oldschool freeforall (there were only a few thousand normally) and like 300 in teamtact which usually had alot of people.

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4 Responses to “Cod4 or mw2? whic ones better?”

  1. Lamaistic says:

    Call of Duty 4 is better, but its not perfect either, noob tubes and spawn camping are still problems with that game. MW2 is designed for the Halo crowd and for “noobs.” COD4 takes more skill, but not as much as say World at War does.

  2. skunklet says:

    i play mw2 because of the advanced and hardened gameplay of mw2 and because if i try to go back to cod4 its too dark for me but cod4 is an amazing game i say their equal

  3. cavnar says:

    the painkiller deathstreak is designed to help prevent spawn trapping. i like bad company and the COD series. also rty the other cal of dutys, like the older ones or WaW. one of my favorite games is COD 2, not mw2.

  4. unsaddle says:

    CoD4 all day! I don’t understand a lot of things in MW2.1. Commando – someone can jump a ridiculous distance and stab you. It was bad enough when that happened due to lag.2. Lightweight – people can run through claymores.3. Noob tube challenges – thanks for giving people a reason to shoot the noob tube.4. Rocket launcher and anti-vehicle launcher – THERE ARE NO GROUND VEHICLES IN THE GAME! This weapons are cheap just like noob tubes.5. Air support killstreak vs Javelin/Stinger = pointless6. Removed 3 Frag & Martydom but left noob tubes and launchers. They’re all equally as cheap.7. Map design sucks – too much focus on reaching rooftops/windows while objectives are on the ground. Every map on CoD4 was a classic except Bloc.