What are some narrow compare and contrast topics to use in writing an essay about The Color Purple?

So far, I have -1930s: The relationship between men and women is clearly defined. Men are the breadwinners and the heads of the families. Women stay at home to take care of the children and the housework. Today: Men and women share the economic burden of the household. Many married women with children are in the workplace. Preschool children are cared for in daycare centers or at home with paid baby-sitters. 1930s: Racism is condoned throughout the country, and laws in the South enforce segregation. African Americans are kept out of many industries. Today: Discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, or disability in the workplace is illegal. What are some other main themes of compare and contrast can I address? This is supposed to be a 1,000 word essay, so they have to be expandable topics.

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    Other Key Themes from The Color PurpleReligionViolenceLoveMarriageSexFrom Shmoop Lit/The Color Purple