How to make your writing more interesting?

Hi :) I have to write a cause-and-effect essay on Romeo and Juliet for English class based on how fate or the characters' impulsiveness lead to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and I can't seem to come up with anything that seems can I make nonfiction writing in a cause-and-effect essay more interesting for the reader?Thanks :)

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  1. cycases says:

    Here’s something you might try. First, you have to fully understand the “causes and effects” of the novel. You might have to read it several times. When you write about them, try to bring them into the present day by senting similar scenarios with famous people of to-day. By doing that, the causes and effects will seem more realistic to your readers.

  2. uninodal says:

    i dont really understand the question, but my teacher always said that they moved to quickly and if they had just stopped for a second and said ‘slow down, we met like 20min ago’ then they probably wouldnt have died