Anyone read “The fish I didin’t catch”? 10 points!?

Here is a differant study guide i have for one more subject. (Reading) i have a final on. I don't know these 3 questions... I think I will need to know them for the final exam I will be taking on this. Could you please help? Explain answers?2. Which technique does the narrator of "The Fish I Didn’t Catch" employ to teach readers something useful? A) He incorporates sensory detail into a poem that advises readers. B) He includes good advice in a comic, overstated poem. C) He lists helpful tips in the concluding paragraph of a persuasive essay. D) He weaves good advice into a story about what once happened to him.4. Readers can tell that the events narrated in "The Fish I Didn’t Catch" influenced the narrator deeply because A) after the events occurred, the author never fished again. B) fishing with his uncle has become a frequent pastime. C) the author feels the disappointment of losing the fish years after the event. D) the events happened in the author’s childhood, yet he remembers them in his adulthood6. In John Ruskin's essay, "Work," the author's position is weakened because the essay is filled with A) real-life examples. B) logical appeals. C) emotional appeals. D) logical fallacies.Thanks! Will give 10 points to best answer! :D

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