How much time do you spend researching and writing an essay for uni?

For a 2500 word essay, how much time do you spend researching and writing it? I think I might be spending too much time on research (sometimes two weeks). I do this because I don't want to get the essay really wrong and fail, but it's so time consuming it's badly eating into my work schedule, jeopardizing my degree. I'm really worried because the time I've set aside to work on all my essays is getting shorter and I really want to do well. Do you think I spend too much time researching? Essay writing isn't a problem.If you could please let me know your answers, that would be great -I'm in dire need of help and advice! :-)

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  1. bowers says:

    Two weeks is a lot of time dependent upon how much time you put in each week and how familiar you are with the topic to begin with./Speak to your instructor and ask for information about research techniques that may reduce the time spent as well as finding more productive resources.