I need help on writing a research project essay thing? URGENT!?

i have to write a research project on coral reefs.It has to have 5 paragraphs (opening paragraph, 3 informational paragraphs, and a closing paragraph). I need help on what I can make those 3 paragraphs about.I know I can make one on how they are in danger and how we need them, and one on how they are made. I need a third paragraph topic. Any help please? I need answers by wednesday.

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5 Responses to “I need help on writing a research project essay thing? URGENT!?”

  1. scups says:

    perhaps you could include a paragraph on all the ocean life that is so higly dependant on them and what will happen to them if they are destroyed or over harvested and then include exactly what they are harvested for,

  2. surroundedly says:

    what about how it would affect us later on in life if we didn’t have them? Does that help? or do you need something different?

  3. flirtish says:

    The Animals that live there?How they are being restored?You can probably separate how we need them and how they are in danger into two paragraphs, because that is a big topic.

  4. misreflect says:

    did you do any research for your research paper? you should look over your source materials to find a paragraph topic, not yank one out of your rear end.

  5. idolatress says:

    Tell about the animals that live there, their habitat and stuff.Good luck =)