Intro for essay about the Beatles? 10 points for best answer (:?

i have to write an essay about the beatles and it needs to include : • Describe the effects that this topic has had on the lives of Americans or on the country as awhole (whether positively or negatively).• Discuss why you think that this is a topic that should be remembered in the future.• Explain how you think that our country would be different if this topic had not occurred ordeveloped.So yeah can anyone think of an introduction ? & a conclusion is also helpful(: ! thanks ! 10 points for best answer

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  1. reformatories says:

    dont know alot about the beatles but you could google some of there infamous quotes and use that an intro as to how their positive attutude effected americans.Also you could use something about their popularity in the 60s, where they were trying to spread peace and love in a time of war.I know some of their lyrics are “all you need is love” << that could be your intro.

  2. Pirene says:

    You must include the term “BEATLEMANIA” somewhere in the intro and how a band from Liverpool completely turned the music world on it’s head. Why it should be remembered…with the excpetion of Elvis I can’t think of another band that changed music the way they did. Had they not come to America the “British Invasion” of the 1960s would not have happened. Do your research and figure out what important events you want to focus on and you should be able to get your intro. You conclusion we can’t help you with because it’s solely based on what you write. Good luck with t e paper.